Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
BJ2002A_FATHLIVE Status of father (survival) P Benin 2002
BJ2013A_FATHLIVED Father survival (detailed) P Benin 2013
BW2001A_MORTFAT Father alive P Botswana 2001
BW2011A_MORTFAT Father alive P Botswana 2011
BF2006A_MORTFATH Survival of father P Burkina Faso 2006
CM1987A_ALIVEPA Father living P Cameroon 1987
CI1998A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Côte d'Ivoire 1998
ET2007A_FATLIVE Biological father alive P Ethiopia 2007
FJ1976A_FATHLIVE Biological father alive P Fiji 1976
FJ1986A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Fiji 1986
FJ1996A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Fiji 1996
FJ2007A_FATHLIVE Biological father still alive P Fiji 2007
GN2014A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Guinea 2014
ID1976A_POPSTAT Status of father P Indonesia 1976
ID1995A_POPMORT Biological father alive P Indonesia 1995
IQ1997A_PARLIV Vital status of parents P Iraq 1997
KE1969A_ALIVEPA Father alive P Kenya 1969
KE1979A_ALIVEPA Father alive P Kenya 1979
KE1989A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Kenya 1989
KE2009A_MORTFATH Father alive P Kenya 2009
LS1996A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Lesotho 1996
LS2006A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Lesotho 2006
LR2008A_MORTPOP Father alive P Liberia 2008
MW1998A_FATHMORT Father alive P Malawi 1998
MW2008A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Malawi 2008
ML1987A_POPLIV Father alive P Mali 1987
ML1998A_POPLIV Father's survival P Mali 1998
ML2009A_LIVFAT Father alive P Mali 2009
MZ2007A_MORTFAT Father alive P Mozambique 2007
RW1991A_FATHLIV Parent's survival - father P Rwanda 1991
RW2002A_PARLIVE Survival of parents P Rwanda 2002
RW2012A_FATHLIVE Biological father alive P Rwanda 2012
SN1988A_POPLIV Survival of father P Senegal 1988
SN2013A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Senegal 2013
SL2004A_MORTPOP Paternal orphanhood P Sierra Leone 2004
SL2015A_PARLIVE Father or mother alive P Sierra Leone 2015
ZA1996A_FATHERAL Father still alive P South Africa 1996
ZA2001A_FATHLIV Father alive P South Africa 2001
ZA2007A_POPLIV Father still alive P South Africa 2007
ZA2011A_MORTFAT Father alive P South Africa 2011
ZA2016A_FATHLIVE Biological father alive P South Africa 2016
SS2008A_FATHLIVE Father's survival P South Sudan 2008
SD2008A_FATHLIVE Father's survival P Sudan 2008
TZ2002A_FALIVE Father alive P Tanzania 2002
TZ2012A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Tanzania 2012
TG2010A_FATHLIVE Survival of father P Togo 2010
UG1991A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Uganda 1991
UG2002A_FATHLIVE Father survival P Uganda 2002
UG2014A_FATHLIVE Biological father alive P Uganda 2014
ZM2010A_FATHALIV Father alive P Zambia 2010
ZW2012A_FATHLIVE Father alive P Zimbabwe 2012