Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
BY1999A_HWATCEN Facilities: central hot water supply H Belarus 1999
BY1999A_HWATIND Facilities: hot water from individual boilers H Belarus 1999
BY2009A_HOTWATER Hot water supply H Belarus 2009
CL1960A_BATH Bath H Chile 1960
CL1970A_SHOWER Shower or bath H Chile 1970
CL2002A_HOTWAT Hot water heater H Chile 2002
CO2005A_WATHEAT Water heater H Colombia 2005
CR1963A_WASHHOT Washing machine and water heater H Costa Rica 1963
CR1973A_WASHHOT Washing machine and water heater H Costa Rica 1973
CR1984A_WATHEAT Water heater for shower H Costa Rica 1984
CR1984A_WATHOT Hot water tank H Costa Rica 1984
CR2000A_SHOWER Hot water shower H Costa Rica 2000
CR2000A_WATHEAT Water heater tank H Costa Rica 2000
CR2011A_HOTWTR Hot water H Costa Rica 2011
DO1981A_WATHEAT Hot water heater H Dominican Republic 1981
EG1986A_HEATER Water heater H Egypt 1986
FJ2007A_WATHEATR Number of hot water systems owned by household H Fiji 2007
FJ2014A_HOTWAT Number of hot water systems H Fiji 2014
DE1971A_HOTWATER Dwelling has hot water supply H Germany 1971
DE1981A_NOHOTWAT Hot water not available H Germany 1981
GR2011A_FUELWT Main source of energy used for hot water H Greece 2011
GT1964A_WATHEAT Water heater H Guatemala 1964
HU1990A_HOTWAT Hot water H Hungary 1990
HU2001A_HOTWAT Hot water H Hungary 2001
HU2011A_HOTWAT Hot water supply H Hungary 2011
IE1981A_HOTWATR Hot water H Ireland 1981
IL1972A_BATHHOT Hot water for bath H Israel 1972
IL1983A_HOTWAT Main hot water source for bath H Israel 1983
IL2008A_WATHEAT Solar water heater H Israel 2008
IT2001A_BATHHOT Hot running water in the bathroom and/or kitchen in the dwelling H Italy 2001
IT2011A_HOTWAT Hot water in the bathroom or kitchen H Italy 2011
KG1999A_HOTWATC Central hot water supply H Kyrgyz Republic 1999
KG1999A_HOTWATB Hot water supply from individual water-boilers H Kyrgyz Republic 1999
MY1980A_WATHEAT Water heater H Malaysia 1980
MX2000A_HOTWAT Hot water heater H Mexico 2000
MX2010A_WATHEAT Water heater H Mexico 2010
MX2015A_WATHEAT Boiler or water heater (gas, electric, wood) H Mexico 2015
MX2015A_SOLWATHEAT Solar water heater H Mexico 2015
PS1997A_BOILER Availability of solar boiler to the household H Palestine 1997
PY1992A_HOTWATR2 Termocalefon (instant water heater) H Paraguay 1992
PY2002A_HOTWAT Water heater H Paraguay 2002
PL1978A_HOTWAT Hot running water in dwelling H Poland 1978
PL1988A_HOTWAT Hot running water H Poland 1988
PL2002A_WATRUNN Running water in the dwelling H Poland 2002
PR1970A_PLUMBING Plumbing facilities H Puerto Rico 1970
PR1980A_HOTWATER Hot and cold piped water H Puerto Rico 1980
PR1990A_HOTWATER Hot and cold piped water H Puerto Rico 1990
PR2010A_HOTWATER Hot and cold piped water H Puerto Rico 2010
RO1977A_HOTWAT Hot water supply installation, dwelling H Romania 1977
RO1992A_HOTWAT Hot water supply installation H Romania 1992
RO2002A_HOTWAT Hot water supply installation H Romania 2002
RO2011A_HOTWAT Hot water H Romania 2011
SN2013A_WATHEAT Water heater H Senegal 2013
ZA2016A_GEYSER Geyser providing hot water H South Africa 2016
ES1991A_HOTWAT Hot water H Spain 1991
ES2001A_HOTWAT Central hot water H Spain 2001
ES2011A_HOTWAT Centralized hot water H Spain 2011
SR2012A_WATHEAT Boiler or gas-operated water heater H Suriname 2012
CH1970A_HOTWATER Hot water H Switzerland 1970
CH1980A_HOTWATER Hot water H Switzerland 1980
CH1990A_HOTWATER Hot water H Switzerland 1990
CH2000A_HOTWATER Hot water H Switzerland 2000
TT1990A_WATHEAT Water heater H Trinidad and Tobago 1990
TT2000A_WATHEAT Water heater H Trinidad and Tobago 2000
US1960A_HOTWATER Hot and cold piped water H United States 1960
US1970A_HOTWATER Hot and cold piped water H United States 1970
US2010A_HOTWATER Hot and cold piped water H United States 2010
US2015A_HOTWATER Hot and cold piped water H United States 2015
UY1985A_HEATER Gas or electric water heater H Uruguay 1985
UY1996A_GWATHTR Gas water heater H Uruguay 1996
UY1996A_EWATHTR Electric water heater H Uruguay 1996
UY2006A_WATHTE Hot water heater - electric H Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_WATHTG Hot water heater - piped gas H Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_WATHTSG Hot water heater - supergas [cylinder/propane] H Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_WATHTIE Instant hot water heater - electric H Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_WATHTIOT Instant hot water heater - other H Uruguay 2006
UY2011A_BOILERHT Water heater or boiler H Uruguay 2011
UY2011A_WATHTR Instant water heater H Uruguay 2011
VE1971A_WATHEAT Water heater H Venezuela 1971
VE1981A_WATERHT Water heater H Venezuela 1981
VE2001A_WATHEAT Has a water heater H Venezuela 2001