Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
AM2011A_FUELHT Heating source H Armenia 2011
AT1981A_HEAT Heating, predominant system H Austria 1981
AT1991A_HEAT Heating, predominant system H Austria 1991
AT2001A_HEAT Heating, predominant system H Austria 2001
BY1999A_HEATCEN Facilities: central or district heating H Belarus 1999
BY1999A_HEADIND Facilities: heating from individual installation H Belarus 1999
BY1999A_HEATSTV Facilities: stove heating H Belarus 1999
BY2009A_HEATTYP Type of heat H Belarus 2009
CA1971A_HEAT Heating equipment H Canada 1971
CA1981A_HEAT Main type of heating equipment H Canada 1981
FR1968A_HEATDW Means of heating in the dwelling H France 1968
FR1975A_HEATBLDG Central heating in the building H France 1975
FR1982A_CENTHEAT Building central heat H France 1982
FR1990A_HEATING Means of heating the dwelling H France 1990
FR2006A_CENTHEAT Dwelling central heat (metropolitan France) H France 2006
FR2011A_HEATFR Type of heating (mainland France) H France 2011
DE1971A_HEATING Type of heating H Germany 1971
DE1981A_DISTHEAT Tele (district) heating H Germany 1981
DE1981A_CENTHEAT Central/floor heating H Germany 1981
DE1987A_HEATING Main heating H Germany 1987
GR1991A_HEAT Type of heating H Greece 1991
GR2001A_HEAT Type of heating H Greece 2001
GR2011A_HEAT Heating H Greece 2011
HU1980A_HEAT Heating H Hungary 1980
HU1990A_HEAT Heating H Hungary 1990
HU2001A_HEAT Heating H Hungary 2001
HU2011A_HEAT Heating H Hungary 2011
IR2006A_CENTHEAT Central heating system H Iran 2006
IE1981A_HEATING Dwelling has a central heating system H Ireland 1981
IE1991A_HEATING Principal method of heating in winter H Ireland 1991
IE2002A_HEATING Central heating H Ireland 2002
IE2006A_HEATING Central heating H Ireland 2006
IE2011A_HEATING Central heating H Ireland 2011
IE2016A_HEATING Central heating H Ireland 2016
IL1972A_HEAT Home heating system H Israel 1972
IL1983A_HEAT Main heating system H Israel 1983
IT2011A_HEAT1 Central heating system used by multiple dwellings H Italy 2011
IT2011A_HEAT2 Independent heating system used by one dwelling H Italy 2011
IT2011A_HEAT3 Individual permanent devices heat all or most of the dwelling H Italy 2011
IT2011A_HEAT4 Individual permanent devices heat certain parts of the dwelling H Italy 2011
PS2007A_CENTHEAT Availability of central heating to the household H Palestine 2007
PL1988A_HEATDW Heating of the dwelling H Poland 1988
PL2002A_HEAT Heating in the dwelling H Poland 2002
PT2001A_HEAT Central heating H Portugal 2001
PT2011A_HEAT Type of heating H Portugal 2011
RO1992A_HEAT Main type of heating H Romania 1992
RO2002A_HEAT Main type of heating H Romania 2002
RO2011A_HEAT Heat H Romania 2011
ES1991A_HEAT Heat H Spain 1991
ES2001A_HEAT Heat H Spain 2001
ES2011A_HEAT Heating H Spain 2011
CH1970A_HEATING Type of heating H Switzerland 1970
CH1980A_HEATING Type of heating H Switzerland 1980
CH1990A_HEATING Type of heating H Switzerland 1990
CH2000A_HEATING Type of heating H Switzerland 2000
UK1991A_CENHEAT Central heating H United Kingdom 1991
UK2001A_HEAT Central heating H United Kingdom 2001
UY1985A_HEATSRC Heating source H Uruguay 1985
UY1996A_HEAT Principal source of heating H Uruguay 1996
UY2006A_HEAT Heating H Uruguay 2006