Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
BD2011A_DISAB Type of disability P Bangladesh 2011
BW1991A_DISBLIND Disability seeing P Botswana 1991
BW1991A_DISHEAR Disability hearing P Botswana 1991
BW1991A_DISSPEAK Disability of speech P Botswana 1991
BW1991A_DISLEGS Disability of the legs P Botswana 1991
BW1991A_DISARMS Disability of the arms P Botswana 1991
BW1991A_IDSMENTAL Mental disability P Botswana 1991
BW2001A_DISEYE1 Defect of seeing in 1 eye P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISEYE2 Defect of seeing in 2 eyes P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISBLIND1 Blindness in 1 eye P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISBLIND2 Blindness in 2 eyes P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISHEAR1 Defect of hearing in 1 ear P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISHEAR2 Defect of hearing in 2 ears P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISDEAF1 Deafness in 1 ear P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISDEAF2 Deafness in 2 ears P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISSPEECH Defect of speech P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISSPEAK Inability to speak P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISLEG2 Inability to use 2 legs P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISARM1 Inability to use 1 arm P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISARM2 Inability to use 2 arms P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISMODRET Moderate retardation P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISSEVRET Severe retardation P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISMNTL Mental illness P Botswana 2001
BW2001A_DISEPI Epilepsy P Botswana 2001
BW2011A_DISEYE Eye disability P Botswana 2011
BW2011A_DISEAR Ear disability P Botswana 2011
BW2011A_DISSPEECH Speech disability P Botswana 2011
BW2011A_DISLEG Leg disability P Botswana 2011
BW2011A_DISARM Arm disability P Botswana 2011
BW2011A_DISBODY Body disability P Botswana 2011
BW2011A_DISINTEL Intellectual impairment P Botswana 2011
BW2011A_DISMENTAL Mental health disorder P Botswana 2011
BR1991A_DISABLED Physical or mental handicap P Brazil 1991
BR2000A_DISMENTL Permanent mental problem P Brazil 2000
BR2000A_DISBLIND Ability to see P Brazil 2000
BR2000A_DISDEAF Ability to hear P Brazil 2000
BR2000A_DISWALK Ability to walk/climb stairs P Brazil 2000
BR2000A_DISPARAL Paralysis or loss of limb P Brazil 2000
BR2010A_DISSEE Permanent difficulty seeing P Brazil 2010
BR2010A_DISHEAR Permanent difficulty hearing P Brazil 2010
BR2010A_DISMOB Permanent difficulty walking P Brazil 2010
BR2010A_DISMNTL Permanent mental/intellectual disability P Brazil 2010
BF1985A_DISAB Handicap P Burkina Faso 1985
BF1996A_DISAB Handicap P Burkina Faso 1996
BF2006A_DISAB Handicap P Burkina Faso 2006
KH2008A_DISBRTH Disabled since birth P Cambodia 2008
KH2008A_DISAFTER Disabled after birth P Cambodia 2008
KH2013A_DISAB Disability P Cambodia 2013
CM2005A_DISAB Disability P Cameroon 2005
CL1992A_DISAB Have any disability P Chile 1992
CL2002A_DISABNO Without disability P Chile 2002
CO1993A_DISAB Disability P Colombia 1993
CO2005A_LIMPER Principal permanent limitation P Colombia 2005
CR2000A_DISAB Disability P Costa Rica 2000
CR2011A_DISAB Any disability P Costa Rica 2011
DO1981A_DISNONE Disability P Dominican Republic 1981
DO2002A_DISNONE No disability P Dominican Republic 2002
DO2010A_BLIND Permanent difficulty seeing P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DEAF Permanent difficulty hearing P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DISMOB Permanent difficulty walking or climbing stairs P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DISARMS Permanent difficulty moving one or both arms P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DISLEGS Permanent difficulty moving one or both legs P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DISCONC Permanent difficulty remembering or concentrating P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DISHANDS Permanent difficulty grasping objects and/ or opening containers with hands P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DISSPK Permanent difficulty speaking P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_MUTE Mute P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_DISMNTL Mental problems P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_AMPLEGS Missing one or both legs P Dominican Republic 2010
DO2010A_AMPARMS Missing one or both arms P Dominican Republic 2010
EC2001A_DISABLED Does the person have any disability P Ecuador 2001
EC2010A_DISAB Permanent disability (more than one year) P Ecuador 2010
EG1986A_DISAB Disability P Egypt 1986
EG1996A_HANDICAP Type of disability P Egypt 1996
EG2006A_DISAB Disability status P Egypt 2006
SV1992A_DISAB1 First disability P El Salvador 1992
SV1992A_DISAB2 Second disability P El Salvador 1992
SV2007A_DISMOB Limitations in movement or walking P El Salvador 2007
SV2007A_DISUPPR Limited movement of hands or arms P El Salvador 2007
SV2007A_DISVIS Limited vision (even when using glasses) P El Salvador 2007
SV2007A_DISHEAR Limited hearing (even when using hearing aids) P El Salvador 2007
SV2007A_DISMUTE Limited speech P El Salvador 2007
SV2007A_DISMNTL Mental disability P El Salvador 2007
SV2007A_DISLIMIT Limitations in self-care P El Salvador 2007
SV2007A_DISOTHR Other permanent limitation P El Salvador 2007
ET1984A_DISAB Disability status P Ethiopia 1984
ET1994A_DISAB Disability P Ethiopia 1994
ET2007A_DISAB Disability status P Ethiopia 2007
FJ1996A_DISAB Any disability P Fiji 1996
FR1962A_DISAB Nature of disability P France 1962
GH2010A_DISAB Disability P Ghana 2010
GT1981A_DISAB Disability P Guatemala 1981
GT1994A_DISAB Disability P Guatemala 1994
GN1996A_DISAB Disability P Guinea 1996
GN2014A_DISAB Major disability P Guinea 2014
HT2003A_DISAB Any disability P Haiti 2003
ID1980A_DISABLED Handicapped P Indonesia 1980
ID2010A_DISBLND Seeing (even when wearing glasses) P Indonesia 2010
ID2010A_DISHEAR Hearing P Indonesia 2010
ID2010A_DISPHYS Hand and foot usage P Indonesia 2010
ID2010A_DISMNTL Concentrating P Indonesia 2010
ID2010A_SELFCARE Self-care P Indonesia 2010
IR2006A_DISABNUM Number of disabilities P Iran 2006
IQ1997A_HANDICAP Kind of disability P Iraq 1997
IE2002A_DISAB Disability P Ireland 2002
IE2006A_DISAB Disability P Ireland 2006
IE2011A_DISAB Disability P Ireland 2011
IE2016A_DISAB Disability P Ireland 2016
IL2008A_DISDEAF Difficulty hearing (even with hearing aid) P Israel 2008
IL2008A_DISMOBIL Difficulty walking inside the house or up and down the stairs P Israel 2008
IL2008A_DISMNTL Difficulty remembering or concentrating P Israel 2008
IL2008A_DISCARE Difficulty dressing or bathing P Israel 2008
IL2008A_DISSIGHT Difficulty seeing P Israel 2008
IL2008A_DISDAILY Difficulty in everyday functioning P Israel 2008
JM1991A_CHRONIC Illness, disability, infirmity status P Jamaica 1991
JM1991A_LIMIT Limitation on daily activities P Jamaica 1991
JM2001A_DISAB Disability P Jamaica 2001
JM2001A_LIMIT Limitation of daily activities P Jamaica 2001
JO2004A_DISAB Kind of handicap P Jordan 2004
KE2009A_DISAB1 Disability 1 P Kenya 2009
LS2006A_DISAB Disability P Lesotho 2006
LR2008A_DISAB Any disability P Liberia 2008
MW2008A_DISAB1 Type of disability, first P Malawi 2008
MY1980A_DISAB Physical handicap P Malaysia 1980
MY2000A_DISABLE1 Handicapped 1 P Malaysia 2000
ML1987A_DISAB Handicap P Mali 1987
ML1998A_DISAB Disability / handicap P Mali 1998
ML2009A_DISAB Disability P Mali 2009
MU1990A_DISAB Any disability P Mauritius 1990
MU2000A_DISAB Any disability P Mauritius 2000
MU2011A_DISAB Disability P Mauritius 2011
MX2000A_DISNO Disability P Mexico 2000
MX2010A_DISAB Disability status P Mexico 2010
MA2004A_DISAB Type of handicap or disability P Morocco 2004
MA2014A_DISAB Any disability P Morocco 2014
MZ1997A_DISAB Disability P Mozambique 1997
MZ2007A_NOTDIS Disabled P Mozambique 2007
MM2014A_DISBLIND Disability seeing P Myanmar 2014
MM2014A_DISDEAF Disability hearing P Myanmar 2014
MM2014A_DISMOBIL Disability walking P Myanmar 2014
MM2014A_DISMNTL Disability remembering P Myanmar 2014
NP2001A_DISABLE Type of disability P Nepal 2001
NP2011A_DISAB Type of disability P Nepal 2011
PK1973A_DISABLE Disability P Pakistan 1973
PS1997A_DISAB Disability status P Palestine 1997
PA1980A_DISABNO Without disability P Panama 1980
PA1990A_DISAB Disability P Panama 1990
PA2000A_DISAB Disability P Panama 2000
PA2010A_DISAB Disability P Panama 2010
PY1962A_DISABLE Physical disability P Paraguay 1962
PY1982A_BLIND Blind P Paraguay 1982
PY1982A_DEAF Deaf P Paraguay 1982
PY1982A_MUTE Mute P Paraguay 1982
PY1982A_PARALYZE Paralyzed P Paraguay 1982
PY1982A_OTHDIS Other disability P Paraguay 1982
PY1992A_DISABLE Any disability P Paraguay 1992
PY2002A_DISAB Disability P Paraguay 2002
PY2002A_DISAB2 Second disability P Paraguay 2002
PY2002A_DISAB3 Third disability P Paraguay 2002
PE1993A_DISAB1 Physical disability P Peru 1993
PH1990A_DISAB Disability P Philippines 1990
PH1995A_DISAB Disabled P Philippines 1995
PH2000A_DISAB Disabled P Philippines 2000
PH2010A_DISAB Disability P Philippines 2010
PL1978A_DIS Disability P Poland 1978
PL2002A_DISLIM Disability P Poland 2002
PL2011A_DISAB Disability P Poland 2011
PT2001A_DISAB Disability P Portugal 2001
PR2000A_DIFFEYE Vision or hearing difficulty P Puerto Rico 2000
PR2000A_DIFFPHYS Physical difficulty P Puerto Rico 2000
PR2000A_DIFFREM Difficulty remembering P Puerto Rico 2000
PR2005A_DIFFSENS Vision or hearing difficulty P Puerto Rico 2005
PR2005A_DIFFPHYS Physical difficulty P Puerto Rico 2005
PR2005A_DIFFREM Difficulty remembering P Puerto Rico 2005
PR2010A_DIFFSENS Vision or hearing difficulty P Puerto Rico 2010
PR2010A_DIFFPHYS Ambulatory difficulty P Puerto Rico 2010
PR2010A_DIFFREM Cognitive difficulty P Puerto Rico 2010
RW2002A_DISAB Major handicap / disability P Rwanda 2002
RW2012A_DISAB1 Type of first major disability P Rwanda 2012
RW2012A_DISAB2 Type of second major disability P Rwanda 2012
LC1991A_DISAB Any disability P Saint Lucia 1991
SN1988A_DISAB Disability / handicap P Senegal 1988
SN2002A_DISNONE Absence of disability or handicap P Senegal 2002
SN2013A_DISSIGHT Difficulty seeing P Senegal 2013
SN2013A_DISHEAR Difficulty hearing P Senegal 2013
SN2013A_DISMOBIL Difficulty walking or climbing steps P Senegal 2013
SN2013A_DISMNTL Difficulty remembering or concentrating P Senegal 2013
SN2013A_DISDAILY Difficulty in self-care activities P Senegal 2013
SN2013A_DISSPEAK Difficulty speaking or communicating P Senegal 2013
SL2004A_DISABLE Disabled P Sierra Leone 2004
SL2015A_DISAB Disabled P Sierra Leone 2015
ZA1996A_DISABLED Disability status P South Africa 1996
ZA2001A_DISAB Type of disability P South Africa 2001
ZA2007A_DISAB Any disability P South Africa 2007
ZA2011A_DIFFSEE Difficulty seeing P South Africa 2011
ZA2011A_DIFFHEAR Difficulty hearing P South Africa 2011
ZA2011A_DIFFCOMM Difficulty communicating P South Africa 2011
ZA2011A_DIFFWALK Difficulty walking or climbing stairs P South Africa 2011
ZA2011A_DIFFREM Difficulty remembering or concentrating P South Africa 2011
ZA2011A_DIFFCARE Difficulty with self care such as washing, dressing or feeding P South Africa 2011
ZA2016A_DISCOMM Difficulty in communicating P South Africa 2016
ZA2016A_DISMOBIL Difficulty in walking P South Africa 2016
ZA2016A_DISREM Difficulty remembering P South Africa 2016
ZA2016A_DISCARE Difficulty with self-care P South Africa 2016
SS2008A_LIMLEG Limited use of leg(s) P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_LOSSLEG Loss of leg(s) P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_LIMARM Limited use of arm(s) P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_LOSSARM Loss of arm(s) P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_DIFFHEAR Difficulty in hearing P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_DEAF Deaf P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_DIFFSEE Difficulty seeing P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_BLIND Blind P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_DIFFSPK Difficulty in speaking P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_MUTE Mute P South Sudan 2008
SS2008A_DIFFMENT Mental difficulty P South Sudan 2008
SD2008A_LIMLEG Limited use of leg(s) P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_LOSSLEG Loss of leg(s) P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_LIMARM Limited use of arm(s) P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_LOSSARM Loss of arm(s) P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_DIFFHEAR Difficulty in hearing P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_DEAF Deaf P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_DIFFSEE Difficulty seeing P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_BLIND Blind P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_DIFFSPK Difficulty in speaking P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_MUTE Mute P Sudan 2008
SD2008A_DIFFMENT Mental difficulty P Sudan 2008
SR2012A_DISAB Disability status P Suriname 2012
TZ2002A_DISAB Disability P Tanzania 2002
TZ2012A_ALBINO Albinism P Tanzania 2012
TZ2012A_DISSEE Difficulty seeing P Tanzania 2012
TZ2012A_DISHEAR Difficulty hearing P Tanzania 2012
TZ2012A_DISWALK Difficulty walking P Tanzania 2012
TZ2012A_DISMEM Difficulty remembering P Tanzania 2012
TZ2012A_DISCARE Difficulty with self-care P Tanzania 2012
TZ2012A_DISOTH Other type of disability P Tanzania 2012
TH1990A_DISABLE Disability P Thailand 1990
TG2010A_DISAB1 First handicap P Togo 2010
TG2010A_DISAB2 Second handicap P Togo 2010
TT2000A_DISAB Long-term disability P Trinidad and Tobago 2000
TT2011A_DISAB Long-term disability P Trinidad and Tobago 2011
TR1985A_DISAB Disability P Turkey 1985
TR2000A_DISAB Has disability P Turkey 2000
UG1991A_DISAB Nature of disability P Uganda 1991
UG2002A_DISAB1 First disability/major disability P Uganda 2002
US2000A_DIFFEYE Vision or hearing difficulty P United States 2000
US2000A_DIFFPHYS Physical difficulty P United States 2000
US2000A_DIFFREM Difficulty remembering P United States 2000
US2005A_DIFFEYE Vision or hearing difficulty P United States 2005
US2005A_DIFFPHYS Physical difficulty P United States 2005
US2010A_DIFFSENS Vision or hearing difficulty P United States 2010
US2010A_DIFFPHYS Ambulatory difficulty P United States 2010
US2010A_DIFFREM Cognitive difficulty P United States 2010
US2015A_DIFFSENS Vision or hearing difficulty P United States 2015
US2015A_DIFFPHYS Ambulatory difficulty P United States 2015
US2015A_DIFFREM Cognitive difficulty P United States 2015
UY2006A_DISSEE Sight disability P Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_DISHEAR Hearing disability P Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_DISMOBIL Mobility disability P Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_DISARMS Arms/hands disability P Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_DISSPK Speech disability P Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_DISMENT Mental/interpersonal disability P Uruguay 2006
UY2006A_DISLEARN Learning disability P Uruguay 2006
UY2011A_DISSEE Permanent difficulty seeing P Uruguay 2011
UY2011A_DISHEAR Permanent difficulty hearing P Uruguay 2011
UY2011A_DISMOB Permanent difficulty walking or going up stairs P Uruguay 2011
UY2011A_DISDEV Permanent difficulty understanding or learning P Uruguay 2011
VE1990A_DISABLE Disability status P Venezuela 1990
VE2001A_DISNONE No disability P Venezuela 2001
VN2009A_DISVIS Difficulty seeing P Vietnam 2009
VN2009A_DISHEAR Difficulty hearing P Vietnam 2009
VN2009A_DISWALK Difficulty walking P Vietnam 2009
VN2009A_DISREM Difficulty remembering or paying attention P Vietnam 2009
ZM1990A_BLIND Blind P Zambia 1990
ZM1990A_DEAF Deaf and dumb P Zambia 1990
ZM1990A_CRIPPLED Crippled P Zambia 1990
ZM1990A_MENTAL Mental disability/retardation P Zambia 1990
ZM2000A_DISAB Any disability P Zambia 2000
ZM2010A_DISABLE Any disability P Zambia 2010
ZW2012A_DISMOVE Difficulty moving P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISBLIND Totally blind P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISSIGHT Difficulty seeing P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISSPEAK Difficulty speaking P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISDEAF Deaf P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISHEAR Difficulty hearing P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISMNTL Difficulty learning P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISEPI Chronic fits P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISPSYC Mental illness P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISPHYS Lack of feeling in hands and feet (leprosy) P Zimbabwe 2012
ZW2012A_DISALB Albinism P Zimbabwe 2012