Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
BR2010A_CHLIVEYR Last child born alive still alive on July 31, 2010 P Brazil 2010
BR2010A_CHDTHYR Year of death of last child born alive P Brazil 2010
HT2003A_LSTBLIVE Last born still alive P Haiti 2003
HT2003A_YRDEATH Year of death of last-born child P Haiti 2003
KE1989A_DEADYR Year of death of last birth P Kenya 1989
ZA2011A_LSTLIVE Last child born still alive P South Africa 2011
ZA2011A_LSTDEYR Year of last child's death P South Africa 2011
ZA2016A_LSTBDTHYR Year of death of last child born P South Africa 2016