Source Variables

Some unharmonized variables may not be available.

Variable Label
Type Sample
AR1980A_SHOWER Shower or bathtub H Argentina 1980
AR2010A_BATH Household have bathroom H Argentina 2010
AR2010A_PRIVBATH Private bath H Argentina 2010
AM2001A_BATH Bath or shower H Armenia 2001
AM2011A_BATHRM Bath or shower H Armenia 2011
BY1999A_BATH Facilities: bath or shower H Belarus 1999
BO1976A_BATH Shower, bathtub H Bolivia 1976
BR2000A_NBATH Number of bathrooms H Brazil 2000
BR2010A_NBATH Number of bathrooms for exclusive use H Brazil 2010
CA1971A_BATH Bath facilities H Canada 1971
CA1981A_BATHSN Complete bathrooms H Canada 1981
CL1960A_BATHUSE Bath use H Chile 1960
CL1970A_SHOWER Shower or bath H Chile 1970
CL1982A_SHOWER Have shower and bathtub H Chile 1982
CL1982A_SHOWEREX Exclusivity of shower use H Chile 1982
CL1992A_SHOWER Have shower or bathtub H Chile 1992
CL2002A_SHOWER Availability of shower H Chile 2002
CR1973A_SEWER Bathroom facility H Costa Rica 1973
CR1984A_BATHROOM Bathroom H Costa Rica 1984
CU2002A_BATH Presence of bathroom (for bathing) H Cuba 2002
CU2012A_BATH Presence of bathroom (for bathing) H Cuba 2012
DO1981A_BATHLOC Bathroom H Dominican Republic 1981
DO1981A_BATHUSE Use of bathroom exclusive to dwelling H Dominican Republic 1981
EC1990A_SHOWER Shower H Ecuador 1990
EC2001A_SHOWER Shower H Ecuador 2001
EC2010A_BATH Facilities or shower for bathing for the household H Ecuador 2010
EG1986A_BATHROOM Bathroom (bath with toilet) H Egypt 1986
EG1986A_SHAREBATH Separate bath H Egypt 1986
EG1996A_TOILET Bathroom facility with toilet H Egypt 1996
EG1996A_BATHEX Separate bathroom H Egypt 1996
EG2006A_BATHROOM Separate bathroom H Egypt 2006
EG2006A_BATHTOIL Bathroom with toilet H Egypt 2006
ET1984A_BATH Bathroom type H Ethiopia 1984
ET1994A_BATHU Type of bathroom (urban households) H Ethiopia 1994
ET2007A_BATH Type of bathroom H Ethiopia 2007
FR1968A_SHOWER Bathing facilities H France 1968
FR1975A_PLUMBING Sanitary facilities in the dwelling H France 1975
FR1982A_SHOWER Sanitary installations in dwelling H France 1982
FR1990A_SHOWER Bathing facilities H France 1990
FR1999A_BATH Sanitary facilities H France 1999
FR2006A_BATHING Sanitary facilities (metropolitan France) H France 2006
FR2006A_BATHING2 Sanitary facilities (overseas departments) H France 2006
FR2011A_BATHOD Bathtub or shower (DOM-overseas department) H France 2011
FR2011A_BATHFR Bathroom (mainland France) H France 2011
DE1971A_SHOWER Dwelling has bath/shower H Germany 1971
DE1981A_BATH Location of bath/shower H Germany 1981
DE1987A_SHOWER Bath / shower H Germany 1987
GH2000A_BATH Bathing facilities H Ghana 2000
GH2010A_BATHRM Bathing H Ghana 2010
GR1971A_BATH Bathing facilities, bath or shower H Greece 1971
GR1981A_BATH Bathing facilities. Is there a bath or shower? (Question A5) H Greece 1981
GR1991A_BATH Bathing facilities H Greece 1991
GR2001A_BATH Bathing facilities H Greece 2001
GR2011A_BATH Bath or shower facilities H Greece 2011
GT1964A_BATH Bathroom H Guatemala 1964
HN1961A_BATH Bathroom H Honduras 1961
HU1970A_BATHROOM Number of bathrooms H Hungary 1970
HU1980A_BATH Number of bathrooms H Hungary 1980
HU1990A_ROOMBATH Number of bathrooms and wash-basin alcoves H Hungary 1990
HU2001A_BATHS Number of bathrooms with fixed bath or shower H Hungary 2001
ID1980A_BATH Bathing facility H Indonesia 1980
ID1985A_BATH Bathing facilities H Indonesia 1985
ID1990A_BATH Bathing facility H Indonesia 1990
ID2005A_BATH Bathing facility H Indonesia 2005
IR2006A_BATH Bathroom H Iran 2006
IQ1997A_BATH Bathroom in the living unit H Iraq 1997
IE1971A_BATH Bath or shower H Ireland 1971
IE1971A_BATHSHAR Bath or shower shared H Ireland 1971
IE1981A_BATH Bath or shower H Ireland 1981
IE1991A_BATH Bath or shower H Ireland 1991
IL1972A_BATH Bath/shower H Israel 1972
IL1983A_BATH Bath or shower H Israel 1983
IL1995A_BATH Bath/shower H Israel 1995
IT2001A_SHOWERN Number of shower and bathtub systems H Italy 2001
JM2001A_BATHROOM Bathroom H Jamaica 2001
KG1999A_BATH Bath or shower H Kyrgyz Republic 1999
MX2010A_SHOWER Shower H Mexico 2010
MX2015A_SHOWER Shower H Mexico 2015
MN1989A_BATH Bathroom/shower room H Mongolia 1989
MN2000A_BATH Bathroom H Mongolia 2000
MA1982A_BATH Modern bathroom / shower H Morocco 1982
MA1994A_BATH Bathroom H Morocco 1994
MA2004A_BATH Bathroom / shower (modern) H Morocco 2004
MA2014A_BATHMOD Modern bath or shower availability H Morocco 2014
NI1971A_BATHROOM Bathroom facilities H Nicaragua 1971
PK1998A_BATH Bathroom H Pakistan 1998
PS1997A_BATHRM Bathroom H Palestine 1997
PS2007A_BATHROOM Availability of bathroom H Palestine 2007
PA1980A_BATH Availability of bathroom H Panama 1980
PY1972A_BATH Bathroom H Paraguay 1972
PY1982A_BTHRM Bathrooms H Paraguay 1982
PY1992A_BATH Separate room for bathing H Paraguay 1992
PL1988A_BATH Bathroom in the dwelling H Poland 1988
PL2002A_BATH Bathroom in the dwelling H Poland 2002
PT1981A_BATH Bath or shower H Portugal 1981
PT1991A_BATH Bath or shower H Portugal 1991
PT2001A_BATH Bath H Portugal 2001
PT2011A_BATH Bathing facilities H Portugal 2011
PR1970A_SHOWER Bathtub or shower H Puerto Rico 1970
PR1980A_SHOWER Bathtub or shower H Puerto Rico 1980
PR1990A_SHOWER Bathtub or shower H Puerto Rico 1990
PR2010A_SHOWER Bathtub or shower H Puerto Rico 2010
RO1977A_KITBATH Existence of bathroom and kitchen H Romania 1977
RO1992A_BATHROOM Bathroom H Romania 1992
RO2002A_BATHROOM Location of bathroom H Romania 2002
RO2011A_BATH Bath H Romania 2011
SL2004A_BATHING Location of bathing facilities H Sierra Leone 2004
SI2002A_BATHROOM Bathroom in the dwelling H Slovenia 2002
ES1991A_SHOWER Bathtub or shower H Spain 1991
ES2011A_BATH Shower or bathtub H Spain 2011
TH1980A_BATHROOM Type of bathroom H Thailand 1980
TR2000A_BATH Bathroom H Turkey 2000
UG1991A_BATH Facilities, bath H Uganda 1991
UG2002A_BATHTYP Type of bathroom H Uganda 2002
UG2014A_BATH Main type of bathroom H Uganda 2014
UK1991A_BATH Bath/shower H United Kingdom 1991
US1960A_BATHRMS Number of bathrooms H United States 1960
US1970A_BATHRMS Number of bathrooms H United States 1970
US1980A_BATHRMS Number of bathrooms H United States 1980
US2010A_SHOWER Bathtub or shower H United States 2010
US2015A_SHOWER Bathtub or shower H United States 2015
UY1963A_BATH Bathing installation H Uruguay 1963
UY1963A_BATHUSE Use of bathing facility H Uruguay 1963
UY1975A_SHWR2 Shower use H Uruguay 1975
VE1981A_SHOWER Number of rooms with shower H Venezuela 1981
VE1990A_BATHS Baths and showers H Venezuela 1990
VE2001A_ROOMSH Number of rooms with showers in the dwelling H Venezuela 2001
VE2001A_ROOMSHH Number of rooms with a tub or shower in the household H Venezuela 2001