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Explanatory notes to complete the census sheet
Slovak Republic 1991

Information on persons entered in the census sheet will be used solely for statistical purposes. The census authorities are obliged to maintain confidentiality of all data entered in the census sheet.

Part A - Personal information

Individuals are entered in the enumeration sheet columns according to the template of completion; only the birth number is entered in the pre-printed fields. Verbal entries must not encroach onto pre-printed fields.

Enter into the enumeration sheet -- all persons registered as permanent residents of the dwelling (including those temporarily absent, e.g., residing temporarily at the place of employment, study or learning, persons on military service, on business trips, on vacation, absent for medical treatment etc.), all persons who spent the night of Saturday 2 to Sunday 3, March 1991 in the dwelling, regardless of whether or not they were registered for temporary residence there.

Individual persons are entered in the columns in the order given in question 1, namely, first all persons residing permanently, and only after them the persons present temporarily. The tenant of the dwelling must be entered in the first column.

Question 11 Citizenship:
Citizenship of the Czech Republic has been granted to persons born in the territory of the Czech Republic, citizenship of the Slovak Republic to persons born in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Citizens born abroad have citizenship of the republic of which they were residents at the time of birth. Citizenship thus determined shall remain valid unless the person has changed it by means of an additional declaration. Children under 15 years of age have the citizenship of their parents: in the case of different citizenship of parents, they acquire the citizenship of the republic in whose territory they were born, unless the parents elected a citizenship of the other republic within 6 months of the child's birth.

Question 12 Nationality:
Nationality means the status of belonging to a particular nation and it is left to everyone to decide freely about their nationality, according to their own convictions. The nationality of children under the age of 15 is governed by that of their parents or, by agreement of the parents, the nationality of one of them, if the parents claim to be of different nationalities.

Question 13 Mother tongue:
Enter the language in which your parents usually spoke to you: if the parents spoke different languages, please enter the language in which your mother spoke to you.

Question 14 Religion (faith):
Means participation in the religious life of a church (religious society) or association with it, and it is left to everyone to express themselves freely about their religion or to state that they are without religion. Indicate the religion to which you claim allegiance precisely (e.g., Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Czech Evangelical, Hussite, Methodist, Jewish, etc.). For children up to 15 years of age, parents indicate their religion at their discretion.

Questions 17 to 23
(a) economically active persons, including working pensioners, women on maternity leave, military service soldiers, persons in custody and in jail, and persons assisting (free of charge) in a family business complete all questions
b) pupils and students (including vocational school pupils) do not complete questions 18 and 19
c) other persons dependent on the breadwinner (mainly children, housewives) complete only question 17
d) non-working pensioners complete only questions 17-19.

Part B - Other information about persons

Question 1
Information on persons present in the dwelling at the crucial moment of the census temporarily - enter all persons temporarily present who are not registered for permanent residence in the dwelling.

Question 2
Information on persons permanently residing in the dwelling, but at the crucial moment of the census temporarily absent: enter all persons registered in the dwelling for permanent residence but absent at the crucial time of the census (except for persons on a night shift).

Question 3
Data on the other spouse are entered only if both spouses are not registered for permanent residence in the same dwelling.

Question 4
Joint financial management: households consisting solely of parents with dependent children without additional persons and households consisting of individual persons do not fill in the question.

Part C - information on the dwelling and household furnishings and amenities -- accommodation outside the dwelling.

For an administratively divided dwelling, each tenant will enter data for the part of the dwelling of which he or she has exclusive use, and only one of the tenants will enter the area of the rooms used in common.

Question 2
Dwelling personally owned means a dwelling used pursuant to Act no. No. 52/1966 Coll., as amended by Act No. 30/1978 Coll.

Question 3 Dwelling size:
Separate rooms of the house that are being used by the household of the dwelling tenant are considered to be part of the dwelling as well. As rooms and other residential spaces are entered those that have a floor area of 8 m2 or larger and access to direct daylight and ventilation, that can be sufficiently directly or indirectly heated, and due to their structural and technical properties are designated for year-round occupation. If there are more than 6 habitable rooms, only the total area of the 7th and further rooms is entered. Similarly, rooms with a floor area of 4 to 7.9 m2 shall be entered under question (g). As 'other rooms' are deemed entrance hall, non-habitable hall, rooms up to 8 m2, storeroom, pantry, bathroom, toilet, hallway, etc., but not an inside staircase area, if the dwelling is on two floors.

Question 4 Dwelling location:
If the dwelling in question has rooms on two floors, only the lower floor is entered. The so-called mezzanine is considered as the 1st-floor, the floor above as the 2nd. As basement dwelling is considered one with a floor below ground level.

Questions 5 to 8 Household furnishings and amenities:
List regardless of who these belong to.

Questions 3 and 10 Recreational amenities of the household:
List regardless whether owned by the tenant of the dwelling or by another member of the household.

Questions 11 to 16 Technical equipment of the dwelling:
Need not be entered in the case of dwellings of category 1 (water supply, running hot water, central heating, bathroom, toilet).

Questions 17 and 18 Accommodation outside the dwelling:
Circle one of the pre-printed answers only if you live (or if you are staying) away from the dwelling; in that event, do not fill in any other information about the dwelling in Part C.

[Omitted summary table of data on persons. See enumeration form for this information.]