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[14th Census of Population
Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics]

How you matter

With the 14th general people census (annex housing census) on February 28th 1971.
(Fill in with black pencil)

Card 1 -- For all people

Friendly notice
Fill in the questionnaires during weekend as complete as possible, so that the questionnaires are ready when the counter comes and picks them up.

Question 3 b and c [Birth year]
For the birth year, always check two boxes, for example:

Birth year 1893

3b = 189
3c = 3

Birth year 1946
3b = 194
3c = 6

Question 4a [Born in this municipality]
Answer this question also with a yes, if the place where the person is born currently lies within the border from the current living community.

Question 4b [Year migrated to this municipality]
Also check the box underneath with the birth if the person involved is born in a hospital or such, outside of the living community of the mother. People born in current community that have lived some time somewhere else, declare the period when they have returned to the community:
Temporary absence (example: in consequence of army duty, need of water, war etc.) should not be taken into consideration.

Question 5 [Province of birth]
Do not check off a province for people born in Eastern- or Southern Flevoland, nor answer question 5 on the backside.

Card 2 -- For all people

Question 6a [Engaged in economic activity]
Check the box yes if the person involved:

If the person in the last week has worked for his/herself or his/her own company, had a job with a paycheck or working at a public workplace (also if the person was absent because of health, vacation, strikes, closing of company or other reasons).

If the person in the last month has worked regularly or once in a while in the company of the husband, father or other family member (also if no salary or compensation has been received) or has worked as: survey giver, laborer, family help, sales person, waiter, newspaper deliverer; in another part time job for housewives, students or retirees; for a temporary agency or such.

Is in training and receiving a salary or compensation for example a nursing student, learning in a trainee program (Bemetel, Smecoma, Vam, Voc etc.) at a retraining workplace or with the land-, sea-, air-force or police.
Temporary in military service.

Question 6b [Non-work activity]
Check every box that applies!
Check the box underneath unemployed, seeking employment if the person involved
Does not have a job nor has looked for a job in the last month by applying or advertised.

Is registered with an employment agency.

Question 7 a to c [Disability]
Only to be answered by persons with a physical or sensory ailment;
Not for exclusive mentally handicapped people.

Question 7a [Type of dependency] Check if both boxes apply and under:
Help from others

Frequent supervision or treatment by a family physician, specialist, speech instructor, physical therapist, massage therapist, consultation bureau, rehabilitation institution, etc.

By special employment help by employment agency, AVO or similar.

Frequent help (by neighborhood nurse, family caretaker, roommates, neighbors or such) with standing up, washing, dressing, running, household chores or such.

Special help resources
If the party involved has as necessity:

Wheelchair, pushcart, adjusted car or such.
Synthetic material limbs, crutches, orthopedic bodice or such.
Adjusted living space; for example without doorsteps, special measures in bathroom, kitchen or such.
Special comb, special cutlery or such.
Special help resource for the blind and hard-seeing, the deaf and hard-hearing.

Do not consider glasses or hearing aid a special help resource if they can see or hear relatively normal

Social workplaces, adjusted machinery, - work or work times.
Special schools such as Mytylschool, school for the blind, deaf, mentally ill or such.
Special school-desks or such.
Question 7b [Type of aid] Check the box:
Own care

With frequent care by family physician or such and with frequent care by neighborhood nurse or such.

Household chores

If appointed to help with cooking, doing the laundry, keeping the living space clean and other chores in and around the home.

Chores or transportation outside the home

If appointed to help with profession or work, with learning in school, running or transportation outside the home.
Question 7c [Confined to bed] Check the box:
Lasting bedridden

If the party involved during at least 6 weeks also during the day lays on the bed or will have to lay and cannot leave the bed without help of others or is not allowed to by a doctor.

Question 9 [Religion]

Mention the church association or the religious community where the party involved belongs to by virtue of being baptized, professes his faith or different or for which he/she particularly wishes to be a part of.

If the party involved does not belong to a church association or a certain religious community or he/she does not wish to be a part of a community anymore, check the box none or mention on the backside humanist if the party involved wishes to be called so.

For people 18 years and under, the head of the family determines the filling in with the observation of what is mentioned above.

Question 10 [Nationality]
Mention, if the party involved has more than one nationality, every nationality of the person.

Card 3 -- For people 12 years and older

Question 11 [Source of livelihood]
Watch out! The most prominent source during the whole year of 1970 is being asked. Check ONLY one box! Check the box underneath:

Income from profession

If the income in 1970 has primarily come from wages, salary, allowance, commissions, income from freelance profession, revenue from own company, unemployment benefits or benefits from the illness law.

Income from financial securities
If the total income from dividends, interest, rental, leasing, payment of land from a life-insurance policy or such in 1970 was larger than other income sources.

Pension, A.O.W, A.W.W, Annuity
If the total income from old age-, widow-, orphan pension, disability pension, annuity or such in 1970 was larger than from other sources.

Social security, study allowances
If the total income from a payment according to the social security agreement, the law of the inability to work (WAO) and/or other payments from community, church, social institution, from scholarships or interest-free advance in 1970 was larger that from other sources. Also check for foster children i.e. where the custody association or other instance where a share in means of support is paid.

Supported by spouse, parents, caretakers
If in 1970 no individual income was enjoyed or if the sustenance in 1970 mainly was accounted by the spouse, ex-spouse (alimony), parents, children, guardian or such. So also check for children at boarding schools and students whereby sustenance and study costs are paid by parents.

Question 13 [Income]
Look for asked for income on the list below this.
Reading from right to left, identify which letter applies.
Check the box on the question list underneath the letter.

Moreover, if income is considered:

Wage and salaries

The gross work income from the main profession, i.e. the wages, salary or such without subtracting income taxes, AOW and pension premiums, without subtracting living costs and without adding child allowances, from overtime income, other work income and/or incomes from wife or children.

Independents (people who own their own company)

The revenue from the self-owned company or the income from freelance work. After subtracting the company or profession costs.

Pensioned, pensioned immigrants and other people with no profession

The total gross income: for example, pension plus AOW plus interest from savings money etc.

Wages, salary, unemployment income

A -- Less than 150 per week/675 per month
B -- 150 to 224 per week/675 to 999 per month
C -- 225 to 299 per week/1000 to 1349 per month
D -- 300 to 449 per week/1350 to 1999 per month
E -- 450+ per week/2000+ per month

Unearned and self-employment income per year

A -- Less than 8000
B -- 8000 to 11,999
C -- 12,000 to 15,999
D -- 16,000 to 23,999
E -- 24,000+

CARD 3 -- For married women, widowed and divorced women
Answer the questions 1 to 2d only on the question list of the woman herself and NOT in the booklet of the married man.

Question 1 [Children ever born]
Count all born alive children! Also the ones from possible previous marriages.

Question 2b [Children from present marriage]
Watch out! Check the box also no if one or more of the children born alive has died from the current marriage, also if all still alive children still live with the mother.

Question 2c [Children present in household]
Always check two boxes for the marriage year. See the supplement with question 3b and c from page 1.

CARD 4A -- For people 12 years and older

Question 1a [School attendance]
Answer these questions with a yes if the person involved:

Does not work because he/she is in school;

Is taking technical training/schooling under a training/apprentice system; for example, Bemetel, Smecoma, Vam, Voc (Dutch technical schools) and colleges.

Is going to school/college for family, senior, maternity, sick-care, nursing or such;

Is going to school for a technical degree (construction) in a MTS, HTS school;

Is studying at a university, college or studying at a seminary school (to become a Roman-Catholic priest).

Question 1b [Type of school]
Question 1b is only to be answered if 1a is answered with a yes.

Type of education
Fill in for example mavo, leao, lts, hts, school system, secondary agriculture and horticulture education, nursing education or such.

Department or field of study
Fill in with for example, first year of secondary school, retail training, black/iron smith (Its), work bench men (bemetel), Agriculture(LLTus), sick care, nursing or such.

Question 2a
If question 2a is answered with no, go to question 3a and afterwards to question 4 on the backside (page 4B)


Question 4
Fill in: all oral or written education the person involved has taken.

Education with course duration of less than 1 year, such as technical diploma, stenography, typing, business correspondence.
Education that does not have a career focus such as music sport or dance lessons.

If the person involved has gone to school for one or more of the specified field of study:
In the 2nd column, next to the degree attained describe the department or field of study
In the 3rd column, check if the person involved has attained the degree or not.

If the person has gone to school for a field of study other than those mentioned in column one:
Fill in the specified field of study mentioned in the blank line(s).
Fill in the second and third column as mentioned before.

Question 6
For question 6b, only fill in one educational institution, for Question 6c only fill in one field of study and for question 6d the exams taken for that field of study.

If the person has taken more than one field of study, state the field of study that he/she has attained the highest results (grades) in.

If the person has attained the same results/grades for different fields of study, mention the one which best matches their current career.

For question 6b, always mention the educational institution where the person has gone to school for the specified field of study mentioned in 6c.

For question 6d, if the person has graduated from seminary school, check yes under exam candidate.

CARD 5A -- For people with a profession (also for people currently working at a job assigned by social services)

Question 1a [Occupation]
ONLY mention the MAIN profession, i.e. the profession/work where the person puts in the most labor hours.

People receiving a salary or wage

Also state if possible, the CAO? -- title of function and the work class, e.g. government workers, professional military. Mention function and rank.

People in military service for first training
Mention besides rank, if the person is fulfilling his military service duty ( I'm assuming military service was obligatory during this time)

People in retraining services. Mention citizen profession
Technicians, scientific workers, management personnel, teachers Mention here function and specialization wherein employed not the field of study.

Mention profession or title of function as specific as possible!
Not gardener but vegetable cultivator, flower breeders, or such.

Not construction worker but concrete worker, concrete-carpenter, mooring and such.

Not clothing worker but clothing spinner, weaver.

Not metal smith but toolmaker, construction maker, or such.

Not administrative assistant but correspondent, personnel administration, typist, accounting assistant or such.

Not merchant but retailer, market, street or whole-saler.

Not calculator but wage-calculator, technical or construction calculator.

Not designer but tool designer, designer of electronic appliances or such.

Not scientific worker but organic research employee, sociology researcher, professor in economics, law advisor or such.

Question 1b [Activity]
Describe the nature of the work, if the title of the profession can be misinterpreted, for example:
Designing, constructing of
Assembling, adjusting of
Constructing, building, to put together
Maintenance, repair of
Instillation of
Operate a machine, from
Installation, testing, controlling


Question 5b [Industry]
Describe the kind of company as accurately as possible!

Not metal company or machine factory but heater, agriculture blacksmiths shop, metal turner, construction company, motors for ships/boats, agricultural machinery factory or such.

Not clothing company but personally made clothing company, male clothing factory or such.

Not merchant company but flower wholesaler, flower store, street- or market merchant in flowers or such.

Not construction company but house construction company, brick contractor, road construction company or such.

Not installation company but technical electrical, cooling technical installation firm or such.

Not transportation company but truck-, touring cars, - national navigation (ship industry) company or such.


Question 8b [Transportation to work]
Check only one box with this question! Check the box under.
Employee bus

If the transportation to and from work is organized by the employer and is by bus.

Personal car/ van/small bus

If transportation is by regular car or a small bus designed to hold a maximum of 8 people (including the driver.) If the person involved is an alternating driver then mention the situation on the last workday before the 28th of February.

Other transportation

If transportation is by truck, tractor, (ferry) boat or such.

Card 7 -- For job seekers and people employed through social service

Answer besides question 1 to 4 also ALL question on page 5a, 5b etc. If the person is employed on complimentary work or a job at a workplace for head- and hand- laborers, for disabled people or such.

Card 8 -- For head of households and for single people

Question 1
Check one box under
Main inhabitant (of the house)

If the person is responsible for the payment of rent to the owner, if the owner lives in the house him/herself.

Question 2

Do not make the mistake of saying there are 2 phone lines subscriptions when it is a parallel or series circuit phone appliance. Answer, if the person is living in the home, this question only with a yes if phone is registered on own name or is registered on the name of the employer for PERSONAL use.