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Icelandic Census 1901
Enumerators Instructions
Farm/house report form no.
Enumerated in the Census in Iceland on 1 November 1901

Farm/house ______

Parish/town ______




Those persons appointed enumerators are to fill in this report form or have it filled in on 1 November 1901. The households and persons who reside on the farm or in the house are to be listed on the form. Houses with additions and outbuildings are considered as a single house and the number of persons in each house or on each farm is to be listed on a separate form. If there is more than one household on the farm or in the house, all households are to be listed on the same form. In the case where a farm is enumerated, the word "House" in the headings shall be crossed out and in the case of a house, the word "Farm" shall be crossed out. The same shall be done in the heading of the Main Report Form.

If there are a number of households in the same house or on the same farm, each of them shall have its own number on the form (1, 2, 3 etc.). Persons who rent accommodation in a household but pay for their food there or elsewhere, are included in that household. On the other hand, a person who lives alone is deemed to be a separate household if he eats food of his own cooking, and shall be given a separate number in front of his name on the form.

Each person shall be enumerated at the location (farm, house, fishing station or vessel etc.), where he slept on the night between 31 October and 1 November 1901, regardless of his residence. Persons who have not slept in any occupied dwelling or inhabited farm on this night, those who have been travelling all night etc., are listed in the form for the household, guest house etc. they first entered on 1 November.

On the form the letters "St" is placed in front of the name of a person living elsewhere (cf. columns 1 and 18).

Persons who are temporarily absent, i.e. persons of the household or persons who rent accommodation there but were absent on the night between 31 October and 1 November, should be listed on the Supplementary Report Form on the last page of this form.

The columns of the form should be filled out in accordance with their headings.

The position or occupation of every individual etc. should be entered in the column Occupation. Both the industrial sector and the person's occupational status should be clearly indicated, e.g. operator of decked fishing vessels, (small boat) fisherman-farmer, foreman of fishing crew, fisherman, master carpenter, journeyman carpenter (not working in the workshop of another), labourer working stone, not only a day labourer, if a person pursues one task more than another etc.

In other respects reference is made to the heading of the column for persons who live mainly on their assets, from pensions and the like. Similarly, for those who previously pursued employment etc., the position they filled shall be listed preceded by "former", and then their current means of support. Similarly, information shall be provided for servants (see further column 12).

For each house or farm a summary form for the total number of persons there shall be filled out and signed.

Note: For public institutions (hospitals, prisons, resident schools etc.) and guest houses the Main Report Form shall be filled out in the same manner as in the houses of individual persons. The household of the director or supervisor is indicated with a separate number (see column 1).

The wording in the columns (1-18) and in the instructions above generally refers to males, but is intended to include both males and females.

Annex I
To the Census of 01 November 1901

Enumerator's list no.


On 1 November 1901 a census shall be taken on all farms, houses etc. which are entered on this list, so that a farm or house Report Form will be completed for each farm, house etc. included on the form, in accordance with the instructions printed on the Report Form. For guidance, a copy of a printed specimen of a completed farm or house Report Form accompanies the enumerator's list. The enumerator shall use one farm or house Report Form for each farm, house etc. which he is to enumerate and ensure that all of them are filled out on the date specified in detail and as accurately as possible, since it is very important to obtain reliable information not only on population numbers but also on everything for which information is requested in the columns of the form. Once the census is completed on the date specified, the enumerator shall collect all the farm or house Report Forms which have been filled out in this manner and in accordance with them complete columns 3, 4 and 5 of this enumeration form, which he shall then sign and himself deliver to the parish minister (town council) together with all the farm and house Report Forms no later than 4 November.