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Census Questionnaires of the All-Russian Census 2010

Census questionnaire form L (Side L1)

Questions and instructions

A. No. on the list of the household in the dwelling

B. No. of the person who is interviewed on the list in the household

1. For the first person on the list of residents mark "person No. 1"; for the rest of the household members indicate how they are related to the person No. 1

[] Reference person
[] Wife, husband
[] Daughter, son
[] Mother, father
[] Sister, brother
[] Mother-in-law, father-in-law
[] Sister-in-law, brother-in-law
[] Grandmother, grandfather
[] Granddaughter, grandson
[] Other relatives or in-law relatives
[] Non-relative
Write down who this person is (e.g., a stepchild, a hired worker) ____

If the mother (or father) of the person No. 1 lives with her/him, write down the number from the list of household residents (area B), which is assigned to the mother (or father) of the interviewed.

No. of mother (or father) _

Supplementary table for kinship assessment

Mother-in-law (husband's mother)
Father-in-law (wife's father)
Mother-in-law (wife's mother)
Brother-in-law (sister's or daughter's husband)
Sister-in-law (married woman in relation towards the relatives of her husband)
Brother-in-law (wife's brother)
Brother-in-law (husband's brother)
Sister-in-law (husband's sister)
Sister-in-law (wife's sister)
In-law relatives (e.g. sister-in-law's husband)

2. Your sex

[] Male
[] Female

3. Date of your birth

Consult the attached table.
____ Day
____ Month
____ Year
____ Number of complete years

4. Place of your birth ____

Specify the name of the foreign state at the time of birth (including former Soviet Union republics); for those born in the Russian Federation specify republic, region, autonomous region or district, Moscow, St. Petersburg for Russia (RSFSR)

For persons aged 16 and over and for married persons under the age of 16.

5. Marital status

Mark one of the variants that corresponds to the marital status as of October 14, 2010.
[] I am married
Has your marriage been registered?
[] Yes
[] No
No. of the spouse ____
[] Officially divorced (the divorce is officially registered)
[] Separated
[] Widowed
[] Never married

6. Citizenship

[] Russian Federation
[] For citizens of a foreign state and for those with double citizenship, write down the state's name ____
[] Without citizenship

7. National identity (ethnic affiliation)

[] Self-defined in accordance with Article 26 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. ____
[] Refused to answer

8. Education and training
[For persons aged 10 and over.]

8.1 Your education

Indicate only one of the options that corresponds to the highest educational level attained
[] Primary (elementary)
[] Basic general (incomplete secondary)
[] Secondary general (complete)
[] Primary vocational (vocational high school)
[] Secondary vocational (vocational college)
[] Incomplete higher vocational (incomplete higher)
[] Higher vocational (higher)
For persons who graduated before 1995 in Russia indicate "specialist"
[] Bachelor
[] Specialist
[] Master
[] Post-graduate higher vocational (graduate)
[] No education

Can you read and write?
[For persons who indicated "no education" in question 8.1]
[] Yes
[] No

8.2 Do you hold the degree of the Candidate or Doctor of Science (PhD)?

[For persons with higher and graduate education]
[] Candidate of Science
[] Doctor of Science (PhD)
[] No

8.3 Are you studying at an educational institution?

[For persons aged 6 to 50 years]
[] Yes
[] No

8.4 Does the child go to a pre-school educational facility?

[For children aged less than 10, who do not attend school.]
[] Yes
[] No

9. Language competence

9.1 Do you speak Russian?

[] Yes
[] No

9.2What other languages do you speak? ____

[] Sign language

9.3 Native language ____

10. Sources of subsistence (income)

10.1 Declare all available sources of subsistence

Show the card to the respondent (the number of answers is not limited)
[] 1 Work, including the second job
[] 2 Work at one's own / private plot
[] 3 Scholarship (stipend)
[] 4 Pension (except disability pension)
[] 5 Disability pension
[] 6 Welfare benefits (except unemployment)
[] 7 Unemployment benefits
[] 8 Other type of state social welfare (state assistance or care)
[] 9 Savings, dividends, banking interest
[] 10 Income from ownership, rent, patents or copyrights
[] 11 Support by parents or other persons, alimony
[] 12 Other source, specify ____

10.2 If you have several sources of income, please, specify the main source _

Indicate the number of the main source from the list provided in question 10.1.

Questions 11.1-11.5 are for the persons aged 15 to 72. Others go to question 12.1

11. Employment and unemployment

11.1 Have you had any work that provided income, wage or salary during the period October 7-13, 2010?

[] Yes
[] No
[If no, go to Question 11.5]

Questions 11.2-11.4 are for the respondents, who had work during the period of October 7-13, 2010

11.2 What is your status at the place of your main occupation?

[] Employee (by agreement, on a contract, on an oral arrangement)
[] Employer (on one's own enterprise or organization, in one's own business)
[] With permanent use of employees' labor
[] Without permanent use of employees' labor
[] Other

11.3 Is your working place located in the territory of the same settlement (locality) where you live?

[] Yes
[] No
[If no] In the territory of the same subject of the Russian Federation?
[] Yes
[] No
[If no] Specify the name of the territory of the Russian Federation (republic, region, autonomous region or area, Moscow, St. Petersburg) or the name of the foreign state where you worked ____

11.4 Did you have another work during this period?

[] Yes
[] No

11.5 Have you been looking for work during the last month?

Question 11.5 for persons who answered the question 11.1 in the negative
[] Yes
If you were offered a suitable work, could you start working within the next 2 weeks?
[] Yes
[] No
[] No
[If no] Specify one main reason
[] I found work and will start working within the next two weeks
[] I applied for work and am waiting for an answer
[] I am waiting for the start of seasonal work
[] I am engaged in housekeeping
[] Other reason, specify ____

12. Migration

12.1 Since what year have you permanently resided at this settlement (locality)?

[] From birth
[If since birth] For women - please, go to Question 13. For men - the end of interview on the Form L.
[] Year _ _ _ _

12.2 Where did you reside in October 2009?

For those who have changed their place of residence between November 2009 and October 2010 [in question 12.1], ask Question 12.2.
Specify the name of the territory of the Russian Federation or the name of the foreign state. ____

In what type of the settlement (locality) did you reside?

[] Urban
[] Rural

13. For women aged 15 and over

13.1 How many children have you given birth to? ____

Write down the total number of children, excluding the stillborn.

13.2 Date of birth of the first child

____ Month
____ Year

Census questionnaire form V

No. of the resident on the list in the household

1. Your sex

[] Male
[] Female

2. Year of your birth ____

3. Country of your permanent residence ____

4. What is the purpose of your arrival to Russia?

[] Work
[] Study
[] Official or business trip
[] Medical treatment
[] Tourism, recreation
[] Transit migration
[] Other purpose, specify ____

5 What is the duration of your residence in the territory of Russia?

For those who came to work or to study.
Months ____

6. What is the country of your birth? ____

7. Citizenship ____

[] Without citizenship

Census questionnaire form P (side P1)

Section I. Dwelling (residence)
For apartment houses Section I is filled in only at the first apartment of the house (for each census unit)

1. Type of dwelling

Choose one of the options provided below
[] The individual (one-apartment, detached) house:
[] Private housing
[] State/municipal housing
[] Apartment building
[] Hostel (dormitory)
[] Hotel
[] Other types of residence, specify (e.g. yurt, trailer, cabin, barge etc.) ____
[] Homeless
[If selected "other residence" or "homeless", end interview of Form P.]

2. Time of the house construction (when was the house built?)

In cases of alteration, renovation, extension (expansion) of the house, the year of construction is considered to be the year when the house was initially built. Choose one of the options indicated below.
[] Before 1957
[] 1957-1970
[] 1971-1995
[] 1996-2002
[] After 2002

3. Material of the outside walls

Choose one of the options indicated below
[] Brick, stone
[] Concrete (reinforced concrete), panels (blocks)
[] Wood
[] Cast concrete
[] Other mixed material
[] Other, specify the wall material ____

4. Essential facilities and amenities


[] Floor electric stove
[] Gas:
[] Gas network service
[] Liquefied (bottled) gas


[] Central
[] Individual heating installation
[] Stove heating

Water supply:

[] Piped water from the municipal system
[] Piped water from an individual installation
[] Water pump outside the residence
[] Water well or other source of water supply

Hot water supply:

[] Central
[] Individual heaters
[] No hot water supply

Drainage (sewerage):

[] Municipal sewage system
[] Individual unit for sewage system (including a septic tank)
[] Cesspool drainage
[] No drainage (sewerage)


[] Flush toilet in the dwelling (residence)
[] Other type toilet (including bio-toilet) in the residence
[] Toilet outside the residence
[] No toilet

Bathtub and (or) shower:

[] Bathtub and (or) shower in the residence
[] Bathtub and (or) shower outside the residence
[] Bathhouse, sauna
[] No bathtub, shower, sauna or bathhouse

Household waste (garbage) removal:

[] Trash chute (refuse duct)
[] Waste containers outside
[] Garbage truck (refuse tipper)
[] Trash dump (garbage pit)


[] Kitchen or kitchenette in the house
[] Kitchen or kitchenette in a separate building
[] No kitchen or kitchenette

Census questionnaire form P (Side P2)

Section II is completed for each separate apartment or one-apartment house

For individual (one-apartment) houses in private ownership question 1 is omitted

1. Type of dwelling (residence)

[] A separate apartment [To be filled out for a house or an apartment with a single personal account]
[] Communal (shared) apartment [To be filled out for a house or an apartment with two or more personal accounts]

2. Floor space in an individual house or apartment (in integer square meters) ____

Total living space excludes: Communal staircases, escalator (elevator) halls, lobbies, hallways (excluding those inside apartment), antechambers, inner porches, area under protruding (extending) elements of the building and heating ovens, verandahs, balconies, loggias, terraces, garages, detached kitchens, bathhouses, saunas, barns (sheds), pavilions etc.

3. Number of occupied rooms in the apartment or one-apartment house

The number of occupied rooms excludes: kitchens, halls, hallways, bathrooms, shower rooms, swimming pools, saunas, storerooms and other subsidiary rooms. A kitchenette is counted as an occupied room.

4. Types of dwelling amenities

____ Availability of telecommunications

____ Stationary telephone line

____ TV antenna (TV aerial, satellite dish)

____ Radio line

Section III is completed for every separate apartment or one-apartment house
If there is only one household in the dwelling, only one table line is filled out, if two or more, a separate line is assigned for each household.

1. No. on the list of households ____

2. Number of persons in the household ____

3. Number of occupied rooms ____

[] Part of a room

4. Types of dwelling amenities

Internet access availability (including mobile Internet) ____

Persons list, questionnaire form C

Dwelling's address

____ District
____ City (town), urban district, urban settlement (posiolok)
____ Rural settlement, rural administrative district
____ Name of the street, avenue (prospect), square, lane (alley), passage (thoroughfare)
____No. of the house (No. of building, if there are several) or full name of the house owner
____ Apartment (flat) number
____ Name of the institution, organization

List of persons, eligible for the 2010 Russian population census

Table 1. List of persons, permanently (normally) residing in the dwelling

A. No. on the list of households in the dwelling ____

B. No. of the person on the list in the household ____

1. Surname (family name), first name, second name (middle name, patronymic) (full names) ____

2. Note ____

Table 2. The list of persons, temporarily residing in the dwelling at the date of the census and permanently residing somewhere else

1. No. of the person ____

2. Surname (family name), first name, second name (middle name, patronymic) (full names) ____

3. The place of permanent (normal) residence; length of residence at this dwelling ____

4. Resides abroad ____