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Norwegian census of 1875

1875 The number of people

the 31 December 1875

1. Households:

The digit one (1) for each independent household
The digit one (1) for every single person (Lodgers who eat at the family's table
are not enumerated as single) ____

2. Person Number:

____ The persons' number

3a. The persons' names (first name and other names):

Here is listed:
a) All those who on 31st December stayed the night in the house, including visitors
b) All those who usually live in the house, but where absent on 31 December [The latter listed towards the bottom of the questionnaire]

_ _ Males
_ _ Females

3b. Residence

____ Usual place of residence for those who on 31st December temporarily stayed the night in the house. (The place is to be specified in the same way as in Birthplace)

_ _ Birthplace of visitors

4. Ethnicity:

Extra field in the enumeration forms used in areas with sami and kven population
____ Father's ethnicity
____ Mother's ethnicity

5. Did anyone stay the night in a separate building or outhouse detached from the main building, and in that case in which? ______

6. Sex:

Put the digit 1 in the field under males or females

[] Male
[] Female

7. Family position:

____ What everyone is in the family, such as "house father" [main person], wife, son, daughter, parents, servant, lodger, visitor etc.

8. Marital Status:

For persons over 15 years mark as ug., g., e., f.

[] ug. Unmarried
[] g. Married
[] e. Widower (widow)
[] f. Divorced (those separated with respect to table and bed)

9. Occupation:

For persons over 15 years, occupation (trade) or provided for by whom? ____
For persons under 15 years, who had salaried work, specify what kind? ____

10. Birth year:

____Year of birth.

11. Birth place:

The name of the:
____ Town
____ Parish
____ Sub-parish

If someone is born abroad:
____ Place name
____ Country

12. Citizenship:

[] Norwegian
____ Other

13. Religion:

____ If anyone does not belong to the Norwegian State Church enter to what specific religion everyone belongs

14. Infirmities:

[] Mentally ill (including the insane, the melancholy, idiots, the silly, the retarded and suchlike)
[] Deaf and dumb
[] Blind (Blind is enumerated anyone without ambulatory vision)

15. Detailed description on infirmity
[] If mentally ill since birth
[] If mentally ill after the completed fourth year of age

The number of Livestock

the 31 December 1875

[] Horses

[] 3 years old and over
[] Under 3 years old

[] Cattle and calves

[] Bull (2 years old and over)
[] Oxen (2 years old and over)
[] Cattle (2 years old and over)
[] calves, under 2 years old

[] Sheep and lamb
[] Goats and kids
[] Swine
[] Pigs
[] Reindeer

produced during 1875

[] Wheat (in tons)
[] Rye (in tons)
[] Barley (in tons)
[] Mixed grain (in tons)
[] Oats (in tons)
[] Oats for green fodder (in tons)
[] Peas (in tons)
[] Vetch (in tons)
[] Grass seed (in pounds)
[] Potatoes (in tons)
[] Other root vegetables (in tons)