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Icelandic Census Form 1901

Main form

Main Report Form
Population census on 01 November 1901

On the farm/in the house: _________

In the town/parish of: ____________

In county of: ___________________

In region of: ___________________

(Those persons who are absent may not be listed here, see the Supplementary Report Form on the last page.)

Column 1
Number [serial number] of households in the town or in the house: ____________

A person who lives alone is deemed to be a "household" if he eats food of his own or has his own cooking hearth. In front of the names of persons living elsewhere, who are present on the farm or in the house, place a "St" (cf. column 18 and Point 3 of the Instructions on the first page).

Column 2
Full name of every person on the farm: _________________________

Or in the house children, who have not yet been given a name, are listed as "boy" or "girl".

Column 3
Sex: __________

Column 4
Age of each person as of last birthday: _________________
Children under one year of age are listed as "under one year old" with their date of birth.

Column 5
Marital status: _______
"Ó" stands for unmarried, "G" for married, "E" for a widower or widow, "Sk" for separated, "Sk.L" for divorced by law.

Column 6
Religion: _________
For example, Lutheran, or the religious congregation to which they belong, or "not a member of an organised religion"

Column 7
Place of birth: _______________
When a person was born in Iceland, the town and region or parish and region shall be given. If a person was born abroad, then the country shall be given.

Column 8 and 9
Both columns below shall only be filled in for persons who were born outside the parish in which they reside on the date of enumeration or who have for a period had their fixed residence outside this parish.

Column 8
What year did permanent residence in the parish begin? _________

Column 9
Last residence prior to the move: _____________

Column 10
Household position: ____________
For example, male head of household, wife/female head of household, child, relative and the like, servant, tenant.

Column 11
Employment office, work, or trade: ___________
Also special employment pursued by the wife or children.
If anyone pursues work in more than one occupational sector, they shall all be listed with the principal occupational sector first. The occupational sector shall be stated clearly and the position of each person in this sector. (For example, freehold farmer, farm servant, fisherman, day labourer working stone, primary school teacher, apprentice at agricultural college, seamstress (not employed in a workshop owned by another person)). If any person lives primarily on his assets, support from individuals, [or] old-age or paupers' pension, then this shall be listed followed by his occupation. Persons who previously pursued an occupation or the like shall set former before the position they held. Servants who carry out work other than indoor tasks shall mention this specifically.
Cf. the instructions preceding Point 4.

Column 12
This column shall only be filled out for persons whose main or supplementary occupation is: craft, manufacturing, commerce, merchant shipping or fishing on decked boats, and pursues work in these occupational sectors for another person or persons.
The column should be filled in for both high- and low-ranking employees, assistance and labourers. (Company managers, retail store managers, retail clerks, journeymen tradesmen, seamstresses' helpers, labourers, skippers, deck hands etc.)

Name and work of the establishment or the person for whom work is carried out around the time of the census: __________________________________
If the person is unemployed at this time this is indicated with "V".

Column 13
Deaf or dumb (without hearing or speech): _________
Blind (no vision at all): __________
Idiot (i.e., imbecile from birth or infancy): __________
Mentally ill: __________
Leper: _____________

Columns 14, 15, 16 and 17
The columns below are only filled in for married men and women, widowers and widows. If any person has been married more than once (male or female), information is given for only the last marriage.

Column 14
What year did you marry? _____________

Column 15
If the spouse is deceased, what year did he/she die? ____________

Column 16
How many children did you have who are alive today? ____________

Colulmn 17
How many of your children are now deceased? (including stillborn children)? ________

Column 18
Note here the residence of those people who are present but reside elsewhere (indicated with St). Other comments may also be written here: ___________________________________

Supplementary report

Supplementary report is for persons who were absent on census day.

Column 1
Full name: _____________

Column 2
Sex: ____________

Column 3
Age (as of last birthday): ________________

Column 4
Marital status:__________
Unmarried "Ó". Married "G". Widower, widow "E". Separated "Sk". Divorced by law "Sk.L".

Column 5
Religion: ___________

Column 6
Place of birth: _____________

Column 7
Household status: _____________
For example, male head of household, female head of household, child, servant, relative, tenant.

Column 8
Employment: ______________

Column 9
Deaf or dumb: __________
Blind: __________
Idiot: __________
Mentally ill: ________
Leper: __________

Column 10
Where the person currently resides: ___________

Column 11
Notes: _____________

Summary of all persons enumerated on this form
[Main report and supplementary form]

Men and women

Total in main report: _______

Total in supplementary report: __________

Total: ________

Signature of enumerator: _____________________

Here the parish minister or town council shall write, prior to enumerating:

Number: ________

Name of the farm or croft, house etc. : _________

Here the enumerator shall write, after enumerating:

Name of owner: ______________

Type of farm: ________________
Whether this is a farm, non-agricultural household, retail store, factory, residence etc.

No. of persons: ________________