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Census of Population of Ireland, 1979

Census Day: Sunday 1 April, 1979

Central Statistics Office

Strictly confidential
Include every person, whether a member of the family, visitor, patient, employee or other occupant, who passes the night of Sunday1 April, 1979 in the household, institution or vessel or who arrives on the morning of Monday 2 April, 1979 not having been enumerated elsewhere. Persons normally resident in the household, institution or vessel but absent on the night of Sunday 1 April, 1979 should not be included.

Form A: To be filled in by the enumerator

County or Co. Borough_____
D.E.D. or Ward_____
E.A. No____
Street, etc., and number or name of the house _____

[] 1 Private household in house or flat
[] 2 Private household in caravan, mobile home etc.
[] 3 Non-private household

Name, if any _____

Form D Serial No.____

Schedule No. ___

Number of persons in household


D.O.C. ____

1. Name and surname __________

Particulars in respect of the head of the household should be inserted on the first line.
If a baby born at or before midnight on 1 April, 1979 has not been given a name it will be sufficient to write "Baby". Babies born after midnight on 1 April, 1979, should not be included.

2. Sex

[] 1 Male
[] 2 Female

3. Relationship to head of household _______

Write "Head", "Wife", "Son", "Daughter", "Visitor", "Patient", "Employee", etc. as appropriate.

Anyone in a private household whose usual residence is elsewhere should be described as "Visitor" whether related to the head of the household or not.

4. Date of birth

Use numbers: e.g., 14/2/1936


5. Marital status

The marital status indicated should relate to the person's present legal status.
If under 15 years of age (i.e., born after 1 April, 1964), please check box 1.

[] 1 Child
[] 2 Single
[] 3 Married
[] 4 Widowed
[] 5 Other status

6. Change of residence from outside the state

Did the person change [his/her] permanent residence to Ireland (Republic) from outside the country during the 12 months before 31 March, 1979?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No