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[pg. 1]

Ministry of Economy and Finance
General Department of Statistics and Censuses
Republic of Honduras
1961 National Census of Housing

Geographic Location

a) Department ____
Code ____
b) Municipality ____
Code ____

Urban area

c) City, town, or village ________
Code ____
d) Street ________
Code ____

Rural area

e) Village ________
Code ____
f) Hamlet ________
Code ____

For all occupied dwellings
[Questions 1-8 were asked of occupied dwellings]

Answer the questions by marking an "X" in the corresponding box (One and only one box should be marked in each square)

1. Dwelling classification

[] 1 Private dwelling
[] 2 Collective dwelling

2. Predominant material in the exterior walls

[] 1 Brick, stone, reinforced cement, or concrete block
[] 2 Adobe or bahareque (cane with earth)
[] 3 Wood (boards)
[] 4 Other (specify) ________

3. Predominant material in the roof

[] 1 Tile
[] 2 Asbestos
[] 3 Concrete
[] 4 Zinc or aluminum sheets
[] 5 Other (specify) ________

4. Predominant material in the floor

[] 1 Clay brick
[] 2 Cement or cement brick
[] 3 Wood
[] 4 Earth

5. Lighting

[] 1 Electric lighting
[] 2 Kerosene gas
[] 3 Gasoline
[] 4 Candles
[] 5 Other

6. Water supply

Piped inside the dwelling
[] 1 Public system
[] 2 Private system
[] 3 Piped outside the dwelling
[] 4 None

7. Type of toilet facilities

Number of toilets _ _

[] 5 Flush toilet
[] 6 Pit toilet
[] 7 None

8. Use of toilet facilities

[] 1 Exclusive
[] 2 Shared
[] 3 None

Only for private dwellings
[Questions 9-16 were asked of private dwellings]

Answer the questions in the manner indicated

9. [Use of the] Bathroom

[] 1 Exclusive use
[] 2 Shared use
[] 3 None

10. What [material or fuel] is used for cooking?

[] 1 Wood or charcoal
[] 2 Liquid gas (kerosene)
[] 3 Volatile gas
[] 4 Electricity
[] 5 No cooking

11. [House] Tenure

[] 1 Owner
[] 2 Renter
[] 3 Other form

12. Monthly rent
How much is the monthly rent paid for this dwelling?

_____ L. [Honduran Lempira]

13. Number of rooms
How many rooms does the dwelling have? (Include the kitchen. Do not include the bathroom)

Number of rooms ____

14. Radio
Is there a radio?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

15. Sewing machine
Is there a sewing machine?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

16. Refrigerator
Is there a refrigerator?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

For all dwellings
[Questions 17-18 were asked of all dwellings]

17. Farm
Does any member of the family have one or more farms used for his or her own purposes, without regard to title of ownership?

[] Yes
[] No

If the answer is "yes", fill in the following boxes:
Location of the farm
Municipality ________

Size (number of blocks) ____

Total livestock
Cattle ____
Pigs ____
Number of poultry ____
Number of beehives ____

18. Outside the farm, is livestock raised?

a) Pigs
Number of pigs ____
b) Poultry
Number of poultry ____
c) Beehives
Number of beehives ____

Occupants of this dwelling
(Taken from the population form)

____ Males
____ Females
____ Total

[pg. 2]
Dwelling type
Is this a collective dwelling?

[] Yes
[] No

If a collective dwelling, indicate:
Type (Boarding house, hospital, barracks, etc.) ________
Name ________

Republic of Honduras

National Population Census

____ Sector number
____ Form number

Law of Statistics and Censuses
On the privacy of statistical data

Art. 23. The individual information submitted to the General Department of Statistics and Censuses and to other public offices will be strictly confidential. It cannot, thus, be divulged orally or in writing, nor communicated to any natural or juridical person. Such information further cannot be used for purposes of taxation, conscription, for judicial investigations or for any objective other than the strictly statistical.

Art. 24. The functionaries and employees of the General Department of Statistics and Censuses and other office of the National Statistical Service, who infringe the disposition expressed in the previous article, will be removed from their posts and will incur the sanctions indicated by Articles 367 and 368 of the Penal Code.

Art. 25. The census-takers, enumerators or information collectors, who carry out the census, surveys, investigations and other special studies, should maintain absolute reserve over the information they obtain, abstaining as well from asking questions other than those contained by the respective forms or questionnaires. Lawbreakers of this provision will be subject to a fine of twenty-five [illegible] lempiras.

General Characteristics

1. Name and surname
Write the name and surname of each of the people who spent the night of April 16th in the dwelling, beginning with the head of the family, then the wife or partner, single children in descending order of age, married children with their families, other relatives, servants, guests, etc.


2. Relationship (to the head of the family)

[] Head
[] Wife
[] Partner
[] Son
[] Mother
[] Nephew
[] Grandson
[] Guest
[] Other

3. Sex
Use "M" for male and "F" for female


4. Age
[Age] in years completed. For people younger than one year, write the number of months followed by the letter "M". For people younger than one month, write the letter "X"


5. Marital Status
Write as appropriate:

[] Single
[] Married
[] Cohabitant
[] Widowed
[] Divorced

[pg. 3]
6. Place of birth
For those born in Honduras, write the name of the Department. Example: Atlántida, Francisco Morazán, etc. For those born abroad, write the name of the country stated. Example: El Salvador, Guatemala, etc.


7. Nationality
For those born in the country write the letter "H". For naturalized Hondurans write "naturalized". For foreigners, write [the nationality] that they state. Example: Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, etc.



For persons 5 years of age and older
[Questions 8-10 were asked of people aged 5 years or older]

8. Are you able to read and write?

[] Yes
[] No

9. Did you attend school during the last month?

[] Yes
[] No

10. Last year completed
[Write the] Year in numbers followed by "P" for primary, "S" for secondary, or "U" for university. Example: 3 P, 2 S, 5 U


Economic Characteristics

For persons 10 years of age and older
[Questions 11-19 were asked of people aged 10 years or older]

11. Do you have a paying job?

[] Yes
[] No

If the person answered yes, go to question 15

12. Do you work on your own account?

[] Yes
[] No

If the person answered yes, go to question 15

13. Do you work without pay for any member of your family?

[] Yes
[] No

If the person answered yes, go to question 15

14. If you don?t have a job, are you looking for work?

[] Yes
[] No

[pg. 4]
15. [Working] Condition
Write one of the following categories, according to the case:

[] Employed
[] Unemployed
[] Student
[] Elderly person
[] Retired or pensioner
[] Lives from rents
[] Ill person
[] Confined
[] Disabled
[] Other

16. How much time did you work during the year?
Write the number of months or weeks. Use "M" for months and "S" for weeks.


For those who worked or looked for work
[Questions 17-19 were asked of people aged 10 years or older who worked or looked for a job]

17. Where do you work or did you work most recently?
Write the type of establishment, business, workshop, or farm were [the person] worked most of the time during the year.

[] Farm
[] Private house
[] Clothing factory
[] Shop
[] Pharmacy
[] Carpenter?s shop
[] Mechanical workshop
[] Other

18. What do or did you do?
Write the type of work done [by the person]

[] Farm manager
[] Butler
[] Agricultural laborer
[] Servant
[] Automobile mechanic
[] Watchmaker
[] Assistant
[] Cashier
[] Accountant
[] Other

Employment category (symbols of column 19)

[] Owner or employer: P
[] Government employee: G
[] Other employees and workers: E
[] Independent worker: TI
[] Family worker: TF
[] Others: O

19. Employment category

Use the following symbols:

[] "P"
[] "G"
[] "E"
[] "TI"
[] "TF
[] "O"