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Hellenic Republic
Ministry of Coordination
National Statistical Service of Greece (NSSG)
Form P-1

Participation in the census is mandatory by law. The answers to the questions are confidential.

(Comment: Identification of the dwelling)

___ Nomos
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Geographical code
___ Province
_ _ _ _ Sector
___ Municipality or commune
_ _ Section
___ Locality (town or village)
_ _ _ _ Block number
___ Street and number
___ If there is no street, indicate the location and number or the owner and the building's number.
_ _ Sequential number of the dwelling (within the section)
_ _ Sequential number of the household (within the section)
[] 1 Within the locality
[] 2 Outside the locality

___ Surname
___ Name
___ Father's name

Population and housing census of April 5th 1981

Population and housing census form

A. Housing data

1. Type of dwelling

[] 1 Regular dwelling
[] 2 Other building intended for housing (hut, shed, etc.)
[] 3 Other building not intended for housing (inhabited shop, etc.)
[] 4 Dwelling within collective residence

2. Characteristics of regular dwelling

[] 1 Main residence
[] 2 Second or vacation residence

[] 3 For rent, for sale, etc.
[] 4 Second or vacation residence

_ _ Number of regular rooms (except kitchen)

_ _ Of these, how many are used exclusively for professional purposes (offices, hairdressing salons, etc.)

Amenities of regular dwelling.

3. Kitchen: Is there a kitchen?
[] Yes

Does it meet the requirements of a regular room?
[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No
[] 3 No kitchen available [3]

4. Electricity: Is there electricity?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

5. Bathing facilities: Is there a bath or shower?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

6. Water supply

[] 1 In the dwelling
[] 2 Outside the dwelling but in the building
[] 3 Outside the building

7. Type of heating: Is there central heating?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

8. Toilet

With flush toilet:
[] 1 Inside the dwelling
[] 2 Outside the dwelling

With non-flushing toilet:
[] 3 Inside the dwelling
[] 4 Outside the dwelling
[] 5 No toilet available

9. Sewage disposal system

[] 1 Sewage network
[] 2 Other system (sink, etc.)
[] 3 No sewage available

10. Ownership: The owner of the dwelling is:

[] 1 Individual person
[] 2 Legal Entity of Private Law (Company, Union, etc.)
[] 3 The State or Legal Entity of Public Law (Municipality, Social Insurance Organization, etc.)

B. Data pertaining to the householder

_ How many households share this dwelling?

If vacant, check zero (0)

[Space is provided for three households to answer the following three questions.]
___ Surname
___ Name

_ _ Number of rooms available for the household (including the kitchen)

The householder or member of the household occupies the dwelling as:

[] 1 Owner
[] 2 Renter
[] 3 Other

Note: For dwellings shared by more than 1 household, a P-1 form must be completed for each household. The present census P-1 form will be used for the first household. For each of the remaining households, a different P-1 form will be used, in which all the data (Nomos, Province, etc.) for the identifying the dwelling must be completed, as well as the geographical codes, etc., and the data to complete the second, third, and fourth pages of the census form. For households other than the first household, the Housing Data sections A and B are not to be completed. But for all the P-1 forms used, including the form used for the first household in the dwelling, the identifying information (surname and name) about the respective householder and the sequential number (i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.) of the household must be copied from the first P-1 form.

Surname and Name of the householder:
___ Surname
___ Name

_ Sequential number of household, as in question B of the first P-1 form used

Page 2
C. Household data

Questions 1-9 should be completed for all persons, regardless of their age. (Mark the answers by filling in an X in the appropriate space, wherever applicable.)

[For up to seven currently present household members or visitors, space is provided for answers to the following 15 questions.]

[For up to two temporarily absent members of the household, space is provided for answers to the following 15 questions.]

1. Surname, name and the name of the father (or husband for married women or widows) of the householder and the other members of the household. (Line number 101 refers to the householder, whether present or temporarily absent)
___ Surname in block letters
___ Name
___ Name of father (or husband)

2. Householder (whether present or temporarily absent) and kinship or relation to the householder of other persons being enumerated

For person with line number 101-Householder:
[] 1 Present
[] 0 Absent (temporarily)

If temporarily absent, is now:
[] In this municipality or Commune

Other (indicate):
___ Municipality or commune
___ Province or foreign country
___ Reason for absence

For persons with line numbers 102-107 (currently present household members and visitors) and persons with line numbers 201-202 (temporarily absent household members)-Kinship or relation to the householder:
[] 2 Spouse of the householder
[] 3 Unmarried child
[] 4 Married child
[] 5 Grandchild
[] 6 Parent of the householder or of the householder's spouse
[] 7 Other relative
[] 8 Domestic
[] 9 Boarder or other unrelated person

3. Member of the household or house guest?

[] 1 (101-householder check)

For persons with line numbers 102-107:
[] 1 Member of the household
[] 2 House guest

For persons with line numbers 201-202, temporarily absent household member is now:
[] In this Municipality or commune

Other (indicate):
___ Municipality or commune
___ _ Province or foreign country
___ Reason for absence

4. Sex

[] 1 Male
[] 2 Female

5. Legal Marital Status

[] 1 Single
[] 2 Married
[] 3 Widowed
[] 4 Divorced

6. Year of birth: Fill in the last three digits of the year of birth. For persons born in 1979, 1980, or 1981, also fill in the month of birth (e.g., for October, fill in "10"; for December, fill in "12")

_ _ _ _ Person with line number 101-householder: Year of birth
_ _ _ _ Persons with line numbers 102-107 and 201-202: Year of birth
_ _ If born in 1979, 1980 or 1981, specify the month of birth

7. Citizenship: If a citizen of Greece and of another country, supply both answers.

[] 1 Greece
[] 2 Without nationality

___ _ _ Other country (indicate country)

8. If a Greek citizen, in which Municipality or Commune is he or she registered?

[] 1 This Municipality or Commune

Other (indicate):
___ Municipality or Commune
___ _ _ _ _ _ _ Province

9. In which Municipality or Commune was his or her permanent residence in December 1975? Do not answer for children born after January 1, 1976.

[] 1 This Municipality or Commune

Other (indicate):
___ Municipality or Commune
___ _ _ _ _ _ _ Province or Foreign country

Page 3

The following questions should be answered only by persons born in 1970 or earlier.

10. Level of education: Mark an X next to the answer that corresponds to the highest degree attained by the respondent. In addition, in cases 1 or 2, for higher education degrees from a university or other school of higher education, specify: a) the educational institution and b) the department they graduated from.

[] 1 Higher education (university) degree
___ (Educational Institution)
___ _ _ _ (Department)

[] 2 Higher education other, non-university school degree
___ (Educational Institution)
___ _ _ _ (Department)

[] 3 Now attending university or other school of higher education
[] 4 Secondary education certificate (6-grade gymnasium)
[] 5 Lower secondary school certificate
[] 6 Primary school certificate
[] 7 Dropped out of primary school but knows how to read and write
[] 8 Does not know how to read and write

Occupation [Questions 11 to 14]

11. What is his/her main activity? Specify working even if the person is only working seasonally for money or pay or if the person is assisting in the family business or farm without pay. Specify job seeking if persons are looking for work, regardless of whether they were dismissed from their work, or the business closed, or they are seeking their first job. If they do not work and are not seeking work, then, then specify: Are they engaged in household activities in their own home? Is the person a pupil or student? Is he a conscript? Etc. Put an X next to only one answer.

[] 1 Working
[] 2 Job seeker
[] 3 Household activities
[] 4 Pupil or student
[] 5 Conscript
___ [] 6 Other (Indicate)

12. If he/she was working or seeking work (answer 1 or 2 in question 11) Answers to questions a and b must be specific. For question c, put an X in the appropriate space. If the person was seeking his or her first job, write "new worker" for questions a and b, and do not answer question c.

___ _ _ _ a) What type of work are they doing (or were they doing, the last time they worked)?

___ _ _ _ b) In what type of establishment, enterprise, farm, service, etc. do they work (or did they work, the last time they worked)?

c) What is their occupational status in this job (or in the last job that they held)?

[] 1 Employer
[] 2 Self-employed
[] 3 Assistant in the family business or farm
[] 4 Employee or wage-earner

13. If working (answer 1 in question 11), for how many hours did he/she work during the previous week (8-14 March)? If he/she did not work at all, write the word ZERO.

_ _ hours

If ZERO or less than 15 hours, the reason was:
[] 1 Seasonal work
[] 2 Weather conditions
[] 3 Leave or sickness
[] 4 Other reason ___ (indicate)

14. If a job seeker (answer 2 in question 11), for how many months was he/she seeking work?

[] 1 Up to one month
_ _ More, i. e., number of months

15. Is he/she the head of a farm or agricultural enterprise?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

Page 4
D. Municipality or commune registration data

The following information should be completed for persons who are now abroad (except sailors), if they were members of the household before their departure, and if they are expected to return to Greece within two (2) years, at most, from the day of the census enumeration.

It should be clarified that, because they are not now members of the household, these persons they should not have been included with the temporarily absent household members on the second page of the form. Sailors, however, are always considered members of the household. Information concerning sailors should have been recorded in the section reserved for temporarily absent household members on pages 2 and 3.

[Space is provided for up to four households to answer the following five questions.]

___ Surname and name of the person who is abroad
___ Kinship or relation to the householder
In which Municipality or Commune is he/she registered?

___ Municipality or Commune
___ Province

_ _ _ _ _ _ To be completed by the National Statistical Service of Greece (NSSG)

I confirm the accuracy of the answers given to the questions on the census form.

The householder
___ (Signature)

The enumerator
___ (Signature)

To be completed by the National Statistical Service of Greece.

Stages of checks

Type of check
___ A
___ B
___ C
___ D
___ E
___ F
___ G

Date of check
___ A
___ B
___ C
___ D
___ E
___ F
___ G

Controller's signature
___ A
___ B
___ C
___ D
___ E
___ F
___ G