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Census 1880 form

Census list for the population on February 1st of 1880 in the Kingdom of Denmark's Rural Districts.

____ County name
____ Hermitage name
____ Parish name
____ City name
____ Census commissioner's name

Summary extract of the census list for the population on February 1st of 1880

____ House

Number of families ____

Number of persons on the main list who belong to families
____ Males
____ Females
____ Total
Number of persons on the main list who live outside families
____ Males
____ Females
____ Total
____ Males
____ Females
____ Total
Add to this, according to Appendix A, as temporarily present
____ Males
____ Females
____ Total
____ Males
____ Females
____ Total

According to Appendix B item ____ of the residents of the places temporarily absent.

Main list

Record of the population on 1st February 1880. The persons whose stay in the parish is only temporary, see supplementary list A, are not listed here, nor those of the residents of the places who are temporarily absent from the parish, see supplementary list B.

The names of the parish and the villages or places with specification of farms, houses etc. ____

Number of families ____

Record number of the persons ____

Full name of all persons ____

Children not yet baptized are stated as 'unbaptized boy' or 'unbaptized girl'.

Gender ____

Men (M)
Women (K)

Age ____

Age is stated as achieved age. Children not yet 1 year as 'Less than 1 year'.

Marital status ____

Unmarried (U)
Married (G)
Widower or widow (E)
Divorced (F)

Creed ____

Birth place ____

That is the name of the town and in the countryside name of the parish and county and for those born in the dependencies and foreigners the country where they were born.

Position in family ____

Head of family, mother of family, children, relatives, servants, lodgers etc. -- and also title, office, business, trade or by which occupation they live as a master or assistant (manager, journey or boy etc.) or whether they are supported by poor relief.

Of these are:

____ a. Deaf-mute
____ b. Deaf (completely deaf)
____ c. Blind (completely blind)
____ d. Without intellect (idiots)
____ e. Insane

12. Comments ________