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Ministry of the Economy and Planning

United Republic of Cameroon

Office of Statistics and National Accounting

Central Survey Bureau

General Population and Housing Survey
(Order Number 73/757 from December 6, 1973)

"Household-Housing Unit" sheet

Province _
Department _ _
District _ _
Village or city _ _ _
Neighborhood (hamlet or place name) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Code of the "counting zone" _ _ _
Structure number _ _ _
Household number _ _

Number of the nuclear family _ _
Number of sheets used in this household _
Sheet number _


[Small print confidentiality legal disclaimer omitted]

Date of visit
Name of survey agent
Name of team leader
Observations of survey agent

Entire population

1) Order number

2) First and Last names
Mark the household residents in the following order;

[] 1 Head of household
[] 2 1st spouse of head of household
[] 3 Unmarried children of head of household with this spouse
[] 4 2nd spouse of head of household followed by their unmarried children
[] 5 Married children of head of household followed by their family
[] 6 Other relatives
[] 7 Other people
Then mark the visitors on their list

3) Family relationship with the head of household
Mark one of the following relationships

[] 1 HH (Head of household)
[] 2 EP (Spouse)
[] 3 Son, daughter
[] 4 Father, mother
[] 5 Other (for other relative)
[] 6 None (for no relationship)

4) Sex

[] 1 Male
[] 2 Female

5) Housing situation

[] 1 P for the present residents or
[] 2 A for the absent residents

6) Length of absence or visit
Mark the length of time passed since the departure of absent residence or the arrival of visitors. For present residents, mark a line.

Months _ _

Date of Birth
7) Mark the number of the month of birth (01 to 12). If the person doesn't know their birth month, mark a line.

Month number _ _

8) Mark the year of birth. If the person doesn't know his month of birth, mark a line in column 8 and mark the estimated age in column 9.
Year _ _ _ _

9) Age
Mark the age in years passed for all these people. _ _

Place of birth
Where were you born?
For a person born in Cameroon, mark the location (city or village) of birth in column 10 and the district where the location is in column 11.

For a person born outside of Cameroon, mark a line in column 10 and mark the birth country in column 11.

10) Location
11) District or country

Usual residence
12) Location
Ask only the visitors: Where do you usually live?

Mark the name of the district if it's in Cameroon or the name of the country if it's outside of Cameroon.

13) Length of residence
Have you ever lived in another district for more than 6 months?

Mark yes or no in column 13.

If yes, for how much time have you lived in the current district? Mark the number of years in 14a or the number of months in 14b for those who have lived there for less than a year.
If no, mark a line in 14a, 14b, and 15.

14a) Years
14b) Months

15) Previous Residence
Where did you live before you moved to this district?
Mark the name of the district if it is in Cameroon, or the name of the country if it's outside of Cameroon.

Residents (Mark all the people who usually live in the household, whether they are present or absent.

Visitors (mark all the people who do not usually live in the household, but who spent the night before the interview in the household.

16) Nationality
What is your nationality?
Mark the nationality declared by the person: ____

'C' for the Cameroonian nationality and the nationality in plain language for the others.

Population 4 years old or older

Have you ever been to school?

If no, mark "No" in column 17 and draw a line in column 18.
If yes, mark in column 17 the abbreviation corresponding to the type of education based on the instructions on the bottom of the page. In column 18, mark the last grade they attended in this type of education.

17) Type

[] 1 NO-Never went to school
[] 2 MAT-Kindergarten or nursery school
[] 3 COR-Islamic religious school
[] 4 PF-Elementary school (Francophone system)
[] 5 PE-Elementary school (Anglophone system)
[] 6 POST- Post Elementary school (SAR, SM, etc.)
[] 7 EPS-Higher elementary school
[] 8 GEF- General high school (Francophone system)
[] 9 GEE-General high school (Anglophone system)
[] 10 TEF-Technical high school (Francophone system)
[] 11 TEE- Technical high school (Anglophone system)
[] 12 EN-Elite schools
[] 13 ESS Higher specialized education
[] 14 UNIV-University

18) Grade

19) Degree

For those who have never gone to school, mark a line.

For the other, ask about the highest degree they attained.

Mark "WITHOUT" if the person never had a degree, or the diploma in the opposite case, using one of the abbreviations at the bottom of the page.

CEPE- Certificate of elementary studies
FSLC- First school living certificate
CAM-certificate of home economics
CAP ?certificate of secondary schooling, professional education
BEPC- Education certificate, first cycle
BE-Elementary certificate
GCEOL- General education certificate, ordinary level
CAFMEG- General teaching certificate
CAPE- Elementary school pedagogy certificate
PROB- probationary
BAC- high school diploma
BTS- Higher technical certificate
BSAEM- higher teaching certificate of home economics
GCEAL- General education certificate, advanced level
BSC- Advanced proficiency certificate
MEP- Master's in education
MEPS- Masters in sport and physical education
LIC- bachelor's degree
DES- diploma of higher education, masters
CAPCEG- University teaching credentials
ING- Engineer
MED- doctor
CAPES- Middle and high school teaching certificate
CAPET Technical middle and high school teaching certificate
DOC- doctorate, PhD
Other-to specify ____

20) Attendance
Do you currently attend a learning establishment, whether full time or part time?
Mark 'yes' or 'no'

21) Economic activity
Did you work during the period from _______ to _______?
Mark the abbreviation corresponding to the work based on the instructions at the bottom of the page.

[] 1 WK= Has worked
[] 2 UN= Without a job but has already worked
[] 3 LK= Looking for a job for the first time
[] 4 HK= Housewife
[] 5 ST= Student
[] 6 REN= Person of independent means
[] 7 RET= Retiree, old person
[] 8 HAN= Handicapped
[] 9 OIS= Idle

Ask only those who have worked during the reference period (WK) and those without work having already worked (UN). For the others, mark with the line.

22) Employment

- For those who have worked during the reference period (WK): What job did you have during this period? ____
- For those without a job having already worked (UN): "What was your last job?" ____

Mark clearly the job occupied [Example omitted]

23) Employment status
Mark one of the abbreviations from the bottom of the page regarding the status.

[] 1 IND= Independent worker
[] 2 EMP= Employer
[] 4 SAP= Permanent salaried employee
[] 5 SAT= Temporary salaried employee
[] 6 APP= Apprentice
[] 7 AF= Family aid

24) Industry
What does your company or your employer do? ____
Clearly mark what the employer or the company does [Example omitted]

25) Marital status

[] 10 Single
[] 20 Married (woman)
[] 21 Man married to 1 woman
[] 22 Man married to 2 women
[] 23 Man married to 3 women
[] 24 Man married to 4 women
[] 25 Man married to 5 women
[] 26 Man married to 6 women
[] 27 Man married to 7 women
[] 28 Man married to 8 women
[] 29 Man married to 9+ women
[] 30 Widowed
[] 40 Divorced

Events occurring in the household over the last 12 months
Period from ______ to ______

26) Births

Have there been any births in this household during the period from ______ to _______
Mark an x in the proper box

Yes [ ] No [ ]

If yes, specify the sex of the child, the order number and the age of the mother.

Order number of mother ____
Sex of child __
Age of mother _ _

27) Deaths
Have there been any deaths in this household during the period from _____ to _______
Mark an x in the proper box

Yes [ ] No [ ]

If yes, specify the sex and the age of the deceased

Sex of the deceased __
Age of the deceased _ _

Housing questions

28)Type of structure
Circle the corresponding number to the structure occupied by the household.

[] 1 Isolated compartment/structure
[] 2 House with several compartments/accommodations
[] 3 Modern villa
[] 4 Apartment building (with floors)
[] 5 Religious space. Number of compartments _____
[] 6 Other

Characteristics of the housing unit (Circle the number in each column: when it is a religious space, use the physical characteristics of the main compartment other than the number of rooms)

29) What materials are the walls?

[] 1 Concrete, concrete blocks, bricks
[] 2 Stone tiles
[] 3 Planking
[] 4 Carabot
[] 5 Clay, unbaked
[] 6 Adobe
[] 7 Mats, leaves or straw
[] 8 Other

30) What material is the roof?

[]1 Hard Cement
[] 2 Tile
[] 3 Earth
[] 4 Mats, thatch or leaves
[] 5 Other

31) What is the material of the floors?

[] 1 Cement
[] 2 Planking
[] 3 Earth
[] 4 Other

32) What is the total number of rooms in the housing unit?

(Mark the total number of rooms) _ _

33) What is the type of lighting?

[] 1 Electricity
[] 2 Kerosene
[] 3 Oil
[] 4 Firwood
[] 5 Resin
[] 6 Other

34) What is the source of water?

[] 1 Running water
[] 2 Hydrant
[] 3 Well
[] 4 Spring
[] 5 River or marsh/backwater
[] 6 Other

35) What is the type of toilet facility?

[] 1 Flush toilet
[] 2 Latrine
[] 3 Other

38) What is the ownership status of the dwelling?

[] 1 Owned
[] 2 Rented
[] 3 Employer provided lodging, with contribution
[] 4 Employer provided lodging, free
[] 5 Free from another source besides employer