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1871 Census of Canada

[Canadian historical mobility project and class household and mobility project.]

[The studies have been conducted in two phases though they are aspects of a continuing project. The first was focused on all four provinces of Canada in 1871 (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia). The second phase is focused on a large region of Central Ontario in the 1861-1871 decade (a wedge of counties stretching from the middle of Lake Erie to the lower shore of Lake Huron on the west, and on the east, from about one third of the way from Toronto to Kingston, at Port Hope, north to the southern tip of Georgian Bay). The studies are based on samples taken from the nominal data given on the census manuscripts of 1861 and 1871. Nominal data means simply the records of the individuals and households recorded on the original folios by the nineteenth-century census enumerators. At the time of writing they are available, in varying quality, on microfilm from 1851 to 1881 for Canada.]

Household information - 1871 Census of Canada

____ District
____ Subdistrict
____ E.A.
____ Special Sample Number
____ Household Number
____ Family
____ Person Number

____ Last Name

____ First Name(s) and Initials

____ Sex

____ Age

____ Birth Place

____ Religion

____ Nation of Origin

____ Occupation

____ Married

____ School
____ Read
____ Write

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