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[Form B] [B1]

Republic of Argentina
Ministry of Economy and Public Finances
National Institute of Statistics and Census INDEC

National Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings 2010
Basic Questionnaire for Private Dwellings
Census 2010
Year of the Bicentennial

Strictly Confidential and Reserved - Law Number 17.622

Geographic Location

Street Code: _ _ _ _ _ _
Street: ________
Door number: _ _ _ _ _
Floor number: _ _
Apartment/Flat: _ _ _
Fraction Number: _ _
Radio Number: _ _
Segment Number: _ _
Block Number: _ _ _
Dwelling Number: _ _


1. Type of Dwelling [Write down by observation.]

[] House
[] Ranch house
[] Small house
[] Apartment
[] Room in a boarding house
[] Room in a family house or pension
[] Mobile dwelling
[] Persons living in the street (continue with 4)

2. The dwelling is...


[] With persons present
[] With all of the persons temporarily absent -- end of interview


[] For rent or sale -- end of interview
[] Under construction -- end of interview
[] For use in business, office, or medical office -- end of interview
[] Used for vacations, weekends, or other temporary use -- end of interview
[] For another reason -- end of interview

Attention enumerator: Remember that for the census, a household is the person or group of persons who share expenses of food and live under the same roof.

Guide for detecting households:

1. When arriving at the dwelling that you are enumerating, ask how many persons spent the night there.
2. Ask if all of the persons share the expenses of food.
3. Open a questionnaire for each household detected in the dwelling.
4. In the case that you detect more than one household in the dwelling, open a new questionnaire and transcribe the same data of Geographic Location including the same number of Dwelling on the new questionnaire. Continue with question 4.
5. In the box Household Number, number the households with correlative numbers.

[Questions 3 to 19 were asked of inhabited households with persons present]

3. Number of households in the dwelling _ _
Household number _ _

4. Who are the members of this household who spent the night here, from Tuesday to Wednesday, including babies, small children, and seniors?

List of persons who spent the night here from Tuesday to Wednesday.

  • Write down the names, starting with the head of household.
  • Continue filling in the list in the following order: spouse or partner, son/daughter / stepson/daughter, son/daughter-in-law, grandchild, father/mother, father/mother-in-law, other relative, other non-relatives, domestic employees and their relatives.

Person Number / Name / Relationship to the head of household
[0][1] / ________ / Head of household
[ ][ ] / ________ / ________
[ ][ ] / ________ / ________
[ ][ ] / ________ / ________
[ ][ ] / ________ / ________
[ ][ ] / ________ / ________

If there are more than six persons in this household:

  • Open a new questionnaire and transcribe the same information of geographic location, including dwelling number.
  • Note the same number of household in household number (question 3).
  • Continue with question 4 and continue the interview, leaving the first line blank.

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[Form B] [B2]

Habitation characteristics of the household.
Complete this questionnaire for each enumerated household in the dwelling.

5. What is the predominant material of the floors...

[] Ceramic, tile, mosaic, marble, wood, or carpet?
[] Cement or attached bricks?
[] Dirt or loose brick?
[] Other?

6. What is the predominant material of the exterior covering of the roof...

If the dwelling is part of an apartment building, you should consider the roof of the last floor on the building.

[] Asphalt coating or membrane?
[] Tile or clay tiles (without coating)?
[] Clay or clay tiles?
[] Metal sheeting (without coating)?
[] Fiber-cement or plastic sheeting?
[] Cardboard sheeting?
[] Cane, palm, boards, or straw with or without clay?
[] Other

7. Does the roof have an interior coating or ceiling?

[] Yes
[] No

8. Does the dwelling have water?

[] Supplied through pipes inside the dwelling?
[] Outside the dwelling but within the property?
[] Outside the property?

9. The water that is used comes from?

[] A public network?
[] A drilled-well with a motorized pump?
[] A drilled-well with a hand pump?
[] A well?
[] Transported on a cistern?
[] Rain water, river, channel, ditch or spring?

10. Does this household have a bathroom or latrine?

[] Yes
[] No - continue with 14

11. In the bathroom, is there a button, chain, or tank for cleaning the toilet?

[] Yes
[] No

12. The toilet drainage is?

[] To a public network (sewer)?
[] To a septic tank and septic pit?
[] Only to a septic pit?
[] To a hole or excavation in the dirt, etc.?

13. The bathroom or latrine is?

[] Only used by this household?
[] Shared with other households?

14. To cook, you use primarily?

[] Gas from a network?
[] Gas from a tank (zeppelin tank)?
[] Gas in a tube?
[] Gas in a jar?
[] Electricity?
[] Firewood or charcoal?
[] Other?

15. How many bedrooms or rooms for sleeping are in this household?

Number of bedrooms or rooms for sleeping: _ _

16. In total, how many rooms does this household have? (without counting bathroom(s) and kitchen(s))

Number of total rooms: _ _

17. The dwelling that this household occupies is?

[] Owned?
[] Rented? - continue with 19
[] Lent? - continue with 19
[] Ceded for work? - continue with 19
[] Other situation - continue with 19

18. Is the land owned by the household?

[] Yes
[] No

19. Does this household have?

A refrigerator?

[] Yes
[] No

A computer?

[] Yes
[] No

A cellular telephone?

[] Yes
[] No

A landline?

[] Yes
[] No

Continue with population

[Text in header is omitted.]
[Form B] [B3]

Complete this questionnaire for each person in the household, following the order in the list of persons.

Person number _ _
Name of the person ________

1. What is the relationship of this person to the head of household?

[] Head of household
[] Spouse or partner
[] Son/daughter / stepson/daughter
[] Son/daughter-in-law
[] Grandchild
[] Father/mother, father/mother-in-law
[] Other relative
[] Other non-relatives
[] Domestic servants and their relatives

2. Is this person male or female?

[] Male
[] Female

3. How old is this person (in completed years)?

If the person has not completed one year of age, write 000.

Years: _ _ _

4. Date of birth

Day: _ _
Month: _ _
Year: _ _ _ _

5. In what country was this person born?

[] Argentina. If the person is three years old and over, continue with 7; if less than three years old, end of interview
[] Another country

6. Which country?

From here, all persons over three years old answer.
[Questions 7 to 12 were asked of persons 3 years old and over]

7. Does this person know how to read and write?

[] Yes
[] No

8. Does this person attend an educational establishment?

[] Attending
[] Attended
[] Never attended (continue with 12)

9. What educational level does/did this person attend?

[] Initial (kindergarten, pre-school) -- Continue with 12
[] Elementary
[] EGB [General Basic Education]
[] Secondary

[] 6-year elementary
[] 7-year elementary

[] Polymodal (Secondary)
[] Higher education, non-university
[] University
[] Graduate
[] Special education (for persons with disabilities) -- Continue with 12

10. Did this person complete this level?

[] Yes
[] No
[] Do not know

11. What is the highest grade or year that this person passed in this level?

Grade or year: _th
[] None
[] Do not know

12. Does this person use a computer?

[] Yes
[] No

From here, all persons 14 years old or more answer
[Questions 13 to 16 were asked of persons 14 years old and over]

13. During the last week, did this person work for at least one hour?

(Without counting household task in your own household)

[] Yes - End of the interview for this person
[] No

14. In the last week, did this person do any odd-job, do something to sell outside the household or help any relative/friend in a job or business?

[] Yes -- End of the interview for this person
[] No

15. In this week, did this person have a job but were on leave with permission for vacations or illness; suspension; labor conflict; etc.?

[] Yes -- End of the interview for this person
[] No

16. In the last four weeks, were this person looking for work: answered ads, asked among friends/relatives, put up signs, did something to set up in business himself/herself?

[] Yes
[] No -- End of the interview for this person