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National Population and Dwelling Census 1980

Decree number 2781/79
Strictly confidential and reserved

Read the instructions carefully that are on the other side of this form

Continuation of another form []

A. Geographic location

Department or Section _ _ _

Fraction _ _

Radio _ _ _

Segment _ _

Dwelling _ _

Location of the dwelling

____ Street
____ Number
____ Floor
____ Apartment
____ Locality
____ Province

B. Dwelling

1. Occupation

[] Inhabited
[] Uninhabited

2. Class

[] Private
[] Collective (hotel pension, hospital, convent, prison, etc.)

3. Type

[] House
[] Apartment
[] Rented room
[] Rural dwelling rancho
[] Precarious dwelling
[] Other

4. Principle construction materials

A. The floors:

[] Tile or similar
[] Wood
[] Cement or permanent brick
[] Dirt
[] Other (loose brick, discarded materials, etc.)

B. Exterior walls:

[] Stone (brick, cinder block, panel, etc)
[] Adobe
[] Wood
[] Other

C. Outer covering of the roof:

[] Tile, cement, or asphalt
[] Metal sheeting
[] Clay roofing tile
[] Cement/fiber sheeting
[] Wood
[] Other

5. Number of rooms excluding the bathroom or kitchen:

[] 1
[] 2
[] 3
[] 4
[] 5
[] 6
[] 7
[] 8 or more

6. Water service:

A. Supply system

[] Supply with tubing inside the dwelling
Supply outside the dwelling

[] Inside the property
[] Pipe outside the property
[] Other system

[] No water supply system

B. Origin

[] Running water from a system
[] Deep well
[] Well
[] Other source

7. Combustible used for cooking

[] Gas from a network
[] Gas from a tank
[] Other

8. Electrical service

[] With electricity from a public network
[] With electricity generated by household
[] No electricity

9. Sanitary service

A. Lavatory

With flush water (toilet)

[] With drainage to a public system
[] With other system of drainage (a septic tank or pit)

[] Without flush water (with stream, etc.)
[] No lavatories

B. Shower or bathtub

[] With hot and cold water
[] Cold water only
[] None

10. Approximate age of the original dwelling construction

[] Up to 5 years
[] 6 to 10 years
[] 11 to 20
[] 21 to 30
[] 31 to 50
[] More than 50

11. Tenancy

[] Owner
[] Renter
[] Other dependant relationship
[] Free occupancy
[] Other

After you have finished this part of the form, you should continue with Part C Population, in which you will register in each individual sheet the corresponding information about the members of this household.

C. Population

____ Name

____ Last name

For all of the persons
[Questions 1-6 were asked of all persons]

1. What is your relationship with the head of household?

[] Head of household
[] Spouse
[] Son/daughter
[] Son-in-law/ daughter-in-law
[] Grandson/daughter
[] Parent or parent-in-law
[] Other relative
[] Domestic servant
[] Other non-relative

2. Is the person male or female?

[] Male
[] Female

3. What is his or her age? _ _

Mark the age in completed years at the date of the census for those younger than one year old mark 00. For those younger than 10 years old, mark 01, 02, 03, etc. For those older than 99 years old, mark 99.

4. Where was he or she born?

[] In this province
[] In another province
[] In a neighboring country
[] In another country

5. What is the locality and province, or foreign country [of his or her birth or residence]?

In each case if it is the locality or place where the person is answering the census mark only the box "here." Otherwise, write the name of the locality or place and the province. If it is in another country, write only the name of the country.

A. Where was he or she born?

[] Here
____ Locality or place
____ Province or foreign country

B. Where does the person usually live?

[] Here
____ Locality or place
____ Province or foreign country

C. Where did the person usually live in October, 1975?

Only for persons 5 years or older.
[Question 5C was asked of persons 5 years or older.]

[] Here
____ Locality or place
____ Province or foreign country

6. [Immigration status]

Only for persons who have usual residence in Argentina and were born in another country.
[Questions 6A and 6B asked only of persons born outside Argentina and who currently reside in Argentina.]

A. When did you arrive in the country to stay?

Year 18 _ _
Year 19 _ _

B. Are you a naturalized citizen of Argentina?

[] Yes
[] No
[] Unanswered

For all of the persons 5 years old and more

[Questions 7-8 were asked of persons age 5 years or older.]

7. Do you know how to read and write?

If he or she only reads or only writes, mark no.

[] Yes
[] No
[] Unanswered

8. Do you attend or have you attended some educational establishment?

[] Attend
[] Never attended
[] Attended but does not attend
[] Unanswered

9. [Educational attainment]

If the person answered "Attend" or "Attended but does not attend":
[Questions 9A-9D asked of those who had ever attended an educational institution.]

A. What level does the person attend or is the highest that he or she attended?

[] Preschool
[] Elementary
[] Pre university
[] Commercial
[] Teacher's training
[] Technical or industrial
[] Other middle level
[] Higher education not university
[] University
[] Unanswered

B. Did he complete this level?

[] Yes
[] No
[] Unanswered

C. What is the last year or grade that the person passed at this level?

Mark none for persons who have not passed the first year or grade.

[] None
[] 1st
[] 2nd
[] 3rd
[] 4th
[] 5th
[] 6th
[] 7th
[] 8th or higher
[] Unanswered

D. What is the specialty or degree that you study or studied? ________

[Question 9D was asked] if the person answered "University" in question 9A.

For all of the persons 14 years and more

[Questions 10-15 were asked of persons age 14 and older.]

10. What did you do last week?

Ask the questions one at a time in the indicated order (worked, didn't work but had a job etc.) when you get an affirmative answer, mark the corresponding box.

[] Worked
[] Didn't work but had a job
[] Looked for work having worked before
[] Looked for work for the first time
[] Retired and didn't work
[] Received rental income and didn't work
[] Studied and didn't work
[] Took care of their home
[] Other situation
[] Unanswered

Questions 11, 12, and 13 should be asked only of the person that responded to one of the first three choices in question 10. The answer should refer to the activity carried out between Monday and the Sunday before the day of the census.

[Question 11, 12 and 13 were asked of persons who responded to one of the first three choices in question 10: worked, didn't work but had a job, or looked for work having worked before.]

11. What is the occupation, job or type of work that you do? ________

Write for example: chemist, artist, accounting assistant, sales manager, salesman, administrative employee, teacher, machine shearer weaver, tow truck driver, taxi driver, construction assistant.

12. What position did you have in this occupation?

Ask the questions one at a time in the indicated order when you get an affirmative answer mark the corresponding box.

[] Employee or worker in the public sector
[] Employee or worker in the private sector
[] Domestic employee
[] Self-employed (does not have employer)
[] Owner or partner (has employees)
[] Family worker without regular income
[] Unanswered

13. [Place of work]

A. The establishment or place where the person works is primarily:

[] Agricultural
[] Commercial
[] Industrial
[] Other type (construction, government, services etc.)

B. What does this establishment do or produce primarily? ________

Write for example: small farm, food factory, clothing production, factory of agricultural machinery, butcher, grocery store, restaurant, hospital, etc.

C. The establishment where you work has

Only for persons who in question number 12 answered "Employee or laborer in private sector" or "Owner or partner."

[] Up to five people employed
[] More than 5 people employed

For all of the persons that work or study.
[Question 14 and 15 were asked of all the persons aged 14 or above who worked or studied.]

14. What is the location of the place where you work or study?

[] In this house or building
[] Less than 10 blocks away
[] More than 10 blocks away
____ In this case write street and number or equivalent indication place
____ Locality
____ Province

15. What is your current civil status?

[] Married
[] Consensual union
[] Separated or divorced
[] Widowed
[] Single
[] Unanswered

For women 14 years old and more

[Questions 16-17 were asked of women age 14 and older.]

16.Have you had children born alive

[] Yes
[] No
[] Unanswered

17. [Children]

If answered affirmatively to 16,
[Questions 17A-17C were asked of those who answered affirmatively to question 16.]

A. How many have you had?

[] 1
[] 2
[] 3
[] 4
[] 5
[] 6
[] 7
[] 8 or more
[] Unanswered

B. How many are currently alive?

[] None
[] 1
[] 2
[] 3
[] 4
[] 5
[] 6
[] 7
[] 8 or more
[] Unanswered

C. Have you had any children born alive since October 22 or last year?

For women 14 to 49 years old
[Question 17C was asked only of women 14 to 49 years old.]

[] No
[] Yes, 1
[] Yes, 2 or more