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Census Program (Questionnaire)
2011 Census of the Republic of Armenia

I. Address

1. Census organizational area numbers (Census area, Supervisory area, Enumeration area)

2. Household address
Marz ____
Region ____
Community ____
Settlement/Administrative district ____
Telephone number ____
(In case of organization) organization name ____

II. Individual Questions

1. Name, surname, middle name

2. At Census day the respondent is:

[] Permanently present
[] Temporarily present
[] Absent

3. For those who are absent from the settlement at Census day:

3.1. Duration of absence (months) ___

3.2. The reason
[] Employment
[] Personal/family
[] Education
[] Guest
[] Business trip
[] Tourist
[] Other
3.3. Person?s location -country, in the case of Armenia Marz - on Census day ___

4. For those who are temporarily present at Census day:

4.1. Duration of presence (months) ___
4.2. The purpose
[] Employment
[] Personal/family
[] Education
[] Guest
[] Business trip
[] Tourist
[] Other
4.3. Place of permanent residence-the country, in the case of Armenia-Marz and settlement ___

5. Relationship to the reference person of the household
[] Reference person of the household ____


[] Wife/husband (spouse)
[] Daughter/son
[] Child under the tutorship
[] Mother/father (parents)
[] Sister/brother
[] Mother- in-law/father-in-law
[] Daughter-in-law/son-in-law
[] Grandmother/grandfather (grandparents)
[] Grandchild
[] Other relative
[] Non relative
[] Roommate (only for institutional households)

6. Sex

7. Date of birth: day, month, year ___

8. Place of birth (In the case of Armenia-Marz and settlement then country) ___

9. Country of citizenship (For dual citizenship, indicate citizenship of second country) ___

10. Ethnicity

[] Armenian
[] Ukrainian
[] Jew
[] Yezidi
[] Kurd
[] German
[] Russian
[] Polish
[] Persian
[] Assyrian
[] Belarussian
[] Other
[] Greek
[] Georgian
[] Refuses to answer

11. Languages spoken

1. Mother tongue ________
2. Other language the respondent is fluent in
[] Armenian
[] Kurdish
[] French
[] Yezidian
[] Polish
[] German
[] Russian
[] Belarussian
[] Spanish
[] Assyrian
[] Georgian
[] Persian
[] Greek
[] Hebrew
[] Turkish
[] Ukrainian
[] English
[] Other
[] Refuses to answer

The rest of the questions are not filled in for those who are temporarily present.

12. Does (the respondent) follow of any religion, church or denomination?
If yes, then

[] Armenian apostolic
[] Yeshiva?s witness
[] Pagan
[] Catholic
[] Protestant
[] Moslem
[] Orthodox
[] Mormon
[] Judas
[] Nestorian
[] Molokai
[] Krishna consciousness or Hare Krishna
[] Evangelic
[] Shar-fadinian
[] TM (Transcendental meditation)
[] Other
[] Does not follow any religion
[] Refused to answer

13. Living continuously in the given settlement since birth:

[] Yes
[] No

If no, then indicate

13.1. The year since a person continuously lives in the current settlement ___
13.2. Previous residence-country, in the case of Armenia-Marz and settlement ___
13.3. What kind of settlement a person came from___
[] Urban
[] Rural
13.4. Main reason of changing the residence:
[] From other countries as a consequence of war actions
[] From other countries because of fear to be exposed to persecution for racial, national, religious belong, membership to any social group or for political convictions
[] Family
[] Repatriation
[] Other

14. Main source of livelihood:

[] Wage employment
[] Self-employed on peasant farm
[] Self-employed in other spheres
[] Income from ownership (from peasant farm, rents received from tenancy, interests, dividends)
[] Use of credits, savings and capital sale (including property)
[] Pension
[] Benefit from state bodies
[] Benefit from non-state sources
[] Scholarship
[] Under the state security
[] Under the security of non-state charitable public organization

Monetary assistance

[] From state sources
[] From relatives, friends, acquaintances living in abroad
[] From relatives living in Armenia
[] Dependents
[] Other sources

Questions 15-17 are filled in for persons 6 years and above.

15. Education level, scientific degree

[] Without primary education
[] Primary education
[] Basic education
[] Secondary education
[] Preliminary professional (handicraft)
[] Secondary professional
[] Higher professional (bachelor?s degree, graduated specialist, master?s degree)
[] Post- graduate professional (researcher, postgraduate but haven?t defended thesis)
[] Candidate of the science
[] Doctor of the science

16. For those without primary education, are they literate?

[] Yes
[] No

17. Attendance at educational institution

If studies? then specify educational institution type
[] Primary school
[] Middle school
[] High school
[] Preliminary professional
[] Secondary professional
[] Higher professional
[] Postgraduate professional
[] Doesn?t study

[Questions 18-20 are filled in for persons 15 years and over.]

18. Marital status

[] Never married
[] Married (registered)
[] Married (not registered)
[] Marriage carried out only with church canonical ritual
[] Widowed
[] Divorced (registered)
[] Separated (not registered)

For female, indicate
19. Number of children born alive ___

20. Number of children still alive ___

Questions 21-28 are filled in for 15-75 years old persons.

21. Whether the respondent had a job or income-producing business during the week preceding the census i.e. from October 4 - 11 (including those who are temporarily absent from their job)

[] Yes
[] No

Questions 22-24 were asked of those who had a job or income-producing business.

22. Branch of economic activity of main workplace- organization, establishment (or its branch) ____

23. Occupation at the main workplace ___

24. Employment status

[] Employee
[] Employer
[] Self-employed in farm household
[] Self-employed in other activity
[] Contributing family member
[] Member of producers? co-operative
[] Other

For those who don't have job or income-producing work:

25. Did the respondent look for a job during 4 weeks preceding census day?

[] Yes, looked for a paid job
[] Yes, tried to start own business
[] No

If looked for a paid job:

26. Looking for a job for the first time?

[] Yes
[] No

Question 27 was answered by those who did not have a job or income-producing business and were not looking for a job during the 4 weeks preceding census day.

27. Are you currently available for work within subsequent 2 weeks if suitable job is offered?

[] Yes
[] No

Question 28 was answered by those who were not looking for work and were not available to work.

28. Why are you not looking for work?

[] Found a job and will start working within subsequent 2 weeks
[] Applied for a work and waits for the answer
[] Is going to leave the country
[] Is going to move to another city in RA
[] Householder
[] Has no hope of finding a job
[] Doesn?t know where and how to look for a job
[] Payment of the offered job is not satisfactory
[] Lack of corresponding professional skills
[] No need /wish to work
[] Studies
[] Age/health
[] Other reason

The other sections are not completed for absent households.

III. Questions on housing conditions of the household

[Question B1 through B15 were asked of all households]

B1. Who is the owner?

[] Member(s) of the current household
[] State
[] Community
[] Juridical entity
[] Other person/s
[] Homeless person

B2. Type of dwelling unit:

[] Dwelling house (residence)
[] Part of dwelling house
[] Apartment
[] Part of apartment
[] Cottage/temporary shelter
[] Dwelling of joint residence (institutional)
[] Dormitory
[] Other dwelling unit

B3. Period of dwelling construction:

[] Before 1950
[] 1951-1970
[] 1971-1980
[] 1981-1990
[] 1991-2000
[] 2001-2011

B4. Construction material of external walls:

[] Stone
[] Monolith
[] Mixed material
[] Panel
[] Wood
[] Other

B5. Number of rooms occupied by household ___

B6. The floor space area of the dwelling in square meters ___

B7. Telephone fixed in the housing unit

[] Yes
[] No

B8. Availability of personal computer in the housing unit

[] Yes
[] No

B9. If yes, Internet connection

[] Yes, permanently
[] Yes, but not permanently
[] No

B10. Main source of heating

[] Individual heating system
[] Central heating
[] Gas furnace
[] Electric heater
[] Furnace heated with wood
[] Furnace heated with animal dung
[] Other

B11. Main source of water supply

[] Central water supply in dwelling unit
[] Central water supply in building, not in dwelling unit
[] Carried/ bought water
[] Individual system for water collection
[] Rivers/springs
[] Well
[] Other

B12. Sewerage system

[] Connected to the central sewerage system
[] Has local system
[] Other

B13. Availability of bathing facilities

[] Yes, in dwelling unit
[] Yes, in building, not in dwelling unit, only for current household use
[] Yes, in building, not in dwelling unit, shared with other households
[] Yes, out of building, only for current household use
[] Yes, out of building, shared with other households
[] No

B14. Availability of toilet facilities

[] Flush
[] In dwelling unit, only for current household?s use
[] In dwelling unit, for joint use with other households
[] Out of dwelling unit, only for current household?s use
[] Out of dwelling unit, for joint use with other households
[] No Flush
[] Only for the current household use
[] Shared
[] Other

B15. Garbage removal

[] Through building garbage pipe
[] Regularly removing
[] Irregularly removing
In another way
[] Thrown in regularly removing garbage bin
[] Thrown in irregularly removing garbage bin
[] Other

IV. Questions on agricultural activities of the household during the census day

C1. Does the household perform agricultural crop production in the lands under their use (own, including farmland, leasing with rent or without rent) or busy with livestock farming for own consumption, sale or other?

[] Yes
[] No

C2. Fill in agricultural animals livestock (head) belonging to the household cattle, total of which

[] Cows
[] Buffalos
[] Pigs
[] Sheep
[] Goats
[] Poultry
[] Hives (Number of beehives)

C3. Fill in the agricultural lands that are under household?s ownership (regardless they are in use or not), including given for leasing (with an accuracy of 0.00 hectare).

C.3.1. Total agricultural lands among them

[] Arable land
[] Perennial young plants
[] Fruit-bearing garden and berry garden
[] Grapevine garden
[] Natural haymaking
[] Pasture

C.3.2 Farmland ___

C4. Household occupation with fishing, fish-breeding (aquaculture production)

[] Yes
[] No

V. Other questions for the household

D1. Receiving money from abroad during the last 12 months

[] Yes, regularly
[] Yes, at times
[] Yes, rarely
[] No

D2. During the last 12 months recorded in the household

[] Live births
2.1. Yes, registered in Civilian Registry Office (number)
2.2. Yes, not registered in Civilian Registry Office (number)
2.3. No
[] Cases of death
2.4. Yes, registered in Civilian Registry Office (number, sex, age)
2.5. Yes, not registered in Civilian Registry Office (number, sex, age)
2.6. No

D3. Do any members of the household have disability status according to the legal definition?

3.1 Yes, indicate number and their sequential numbers according to column ?A? of household questionnaire
3.2 No