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Sample characteristics: Ukraine

Census/survey characteristics
Type Census
Title All-Ukrainian Population Census 2001
Statistical agency Ministry of Justice
Population universe All persons who lived in the dwelling as of midnight on the night of December 4th to December 5th, 2001, including temporarily residents and temporarily absent permanent residents.
De jure or de facto De jure and de facto
Census/survey day December 5, 2001
Field work period December 4, 2001 to December 14, 2001
Questionnaire Two enumeration forms. Form 1 requested information on the number and status of residents in the household and on housing characteristics. Form 2C, the census questionnaire, requested information on individual members of the household.
Type of fieldwork Direct enumeration
Microdata sample characteristics
Sample design Systematic sample of every 10th household with a random start.
Sample fraction 0.1
Sample size (person records) 4889288
Sample weights Self-weighting (expansion factor=10)
Units identified in microdata
Dwellings No
Vacant units No
Households Yes
Collective dwellings Yes
Smallest geography Raion
Unit definitions
Dwellings ----
Households A group of people (or one person) living together in one dwelling or part of a dwelling and fully or partially sharing financial resources. These people may or may not be related.
Collective dwellings Institutional dwellings such as children's homes, orphanages, boarding houses for the elderly or disabled, or institutions with mobile populations such as hospitals, sanatoriums, hotels, etc.