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Sample characteristics: Sierra Leone

Census/survey characteristics
Type Census
Title 2004 Population and Housing Census
Statistical agency Statistics Sierra Leone (SLL)
Population universe All persons living in Sierra Leone
De jure or de facto De facto
Census/survey day December 4, 2004
Field work period First two weeks of December 2004
Questionnaire Sierra Leone 2004 Population and Housing Census questionnaire
Type of fieldwork Direct enumeration (house-to-house visits)
Microdata sample characteristics
Sample design Systematic sample of every 10th household with a random start, drawn by the IPUMS
Sample fraction 10%
Sample size (person records) 494298
Sample weights Self-weighting (expansion factor = 10).
Units identified in microdata
Dwellings No
Vacant units No
Households Yes
Collective dwellings Yes (institution)
Smallest geography Chiefdom/ward
Unit definitions
Dwellings The dwelling unit refers to that part of the structure occupied by the household.
Households A household is defined as a person or group of persons who normally eat and live together.
Collective dwellings Groups of people living together in places such as hospitals, colleges, hotels, barracks, and prisons.
Special populations Refugee, homeless, boating population