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Sample characteristics: Laos

Census/survey characteristics
Type Census
Title 2005 Population and Housing Census
Statistical agency Lao Statistics Bureau
Population universe Laos citizens and citizens of other countries who have been granted permanent residence in Laos
De jure or de facto De jure
Census/survey day March 1, 2005
Questionnaire Single enumeration form that requested information on individuals
Type of fieldwork Direct enumeration
Microdata sample characteristics
Sample design Systematic sample of every 10th household, drawn by Lao Statistics Bureau
Sample fraction 0.1
Sample size (person records) 560480
Sample weights Self-weighting (expansion factor = 10)
Units identified in microdata
Dwellings No
Vacant units No
Households Yes
Collective dwellings Yes
Smallest geography Province
Unit definitions
Households A single-person household comprises of one person living in a part or the whole of the dwelling unit, arranging for food and other life necessities on his own without joining other persons and possessing his own civil common registration book. A multi-person household comprises of two or more persons living in a part or the whole dwelling unit, and who together arrange for food and other life necessities and share a common registration book.
Collective dwellings Collective households consist of accommodation units of an enterprise, factory, school, temple, hospital, etc.