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Sample characteristics: Italy

Census/survey characteristics
Type Census
Title The 14th General Population Census and General Housing Census
Statistical agency National Institute of Statistics
Population universe All population who reside in Italy and all persons who do not live in Italy but are present at the time of the census
De jure or de facto De jure
Census/survey day October 21, 2001
Questionnaire A single booklet of Household Form with five sections: 1) List A: household members, 2) List B: individuals who do not usually reside in the accommodation, 3) Section I, information on the dwelling (for all persons in List A and List B), 4) Section II, information on the individuals who usually reside in the accomodation (persons on List A), and 5) Section III, information on individuals who do not usually reside in the dwelling (persons on List A). Section I to III are de-identified with names removed.
Type of fieldwork Self enumeration
Microdata sample characteristics
Sample design Systematic sample of every 20th dwelling.
Sample fraction 5%
Sample size (person records) 2,990,739
Sample weights Self-weighting. Expansion factor = 20.
Units identified in microdata
Dwellings Yes
Vacant units No
Households Yes
Collective dwellings Yes
Smallest geography Region
Unit definitions
Dwellings Not specified
Households A group of people, bound by marriage, kinship, affinity, adoption, guardianship or emotional ties, who are partners and live in the same Municipality.
Collective dwellings Not specified