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Sample characteristics: Iraq

Census/survey characteristics
Type Census
Title 1997 Population and Housing Census
Statistical agency Republic of Iraq, Board of Ministers, Planning Commission, Central Statistical Organization
Population universe All population inside Iraq and Iraqis abroad
De jure or de facto De jure and de facto
Census/survey day October 17, 1997
Questionnaire There are three enumeration forms: 1) basic form for dwelling and population data collection, 2) form for armed and security forces, and 3) form for rural areas
Type of fieldwork Direct enumeration
Microdata sample characteristics
Sample design Systematic sample of every tenth private dwelling. Drawn by the IPUMS from 100% microdata.
Sample fraction 10%
Sample size (person records) 1944278
Sample weights Self-weighted. Expansion factor = 10.
Units identified in microdata
Dwellings No
Vacant units No
Households Yes
Collective dwellings Yes
Smallest geography Districts (Qadahs) with 20,000+ population combined by IPUMS
Unit definitions
Dwellings The independent structure standing alone whether on the graound or on water, either permanent or temporary and consisting of one or more rooms or of spaces covered with a roof and surrounded by outer walls or walls of separation that extend from the foundation to the roof and the structure may be a house, building, barn of poultry small animals, factory, workshop or a hospital, etc.
Households One or more individuals sharing dwellings and the provision of food. They may or may not have a joint budget and they may or may not relate to each other or there may be a mixture of the two statuses. Usually the household resides in normal residential units. Some households reside in hotels, hospitals, and monasteries, etc. It takes from these places a permanent dwelling, and it has no other dwelling unit.
Collective dwellings The place in which one person or a number of persons reside, either connected by one relationship or one aim or not. They all share the same living facilities and annexes such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the sitting room, and bedroom. This includes the hotels, boarding departments, governmental offices, health establishments, and monasteries, etc.