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Sample characteristics: Cuba

Census/survey characteristics
Type Census
Title The 2002 Census of Population and Dwellings
Statistical agency National Office of Statistics of the Republic of Cuba
Population universe All residents of the national territory, including Juventud Island, excluding the Guantanamo naval base.
De jure or de facto De jure
Census/survey day September 6, 2002
Field work period Sept 7 to Sept 16, 2002
Questionnaire A single form with sections on houesholds and persons
Type of fieldwork Direct enumeration via house-to-house visits and personal interviews.
Microdata sample characteristics
Sample design Systematic sample of every 10th household with a random start
Sample fraction 0.1
Sample size (person records) 1118767
Sample weights Self-weighting (expansion factor = 10).
Units identified in microdata
Dwellings Yes
Vacant units Yes
Households Yes
Collective dwellings Yes
Smallest geography Province
Unit definitions
Dwellings A structure occupied by one or more households or a group of generally unrelated persons living collectively for reasons of simple cohabitation, work, etc.
Households Groups of persons living like a family: sharing a budget and living space, whether or not they are related.
Collective dwellings Collective dwellings include group living arrangements in which people reside permanently. They include homes for the elderly, orphanages, asylums, hotels and the like, if persons live in them permanently.