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Kristen Jeffers

Senior Data Analyst
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IPUMS Data Projects

IPUMS International

Research Interests and Project Expertise

Data quality assessment; variable harmonization; data documentation; international migration; immigrant integration


I have several years' experience in data integration, with a focus on variable harmonization, data documentation, and data quality and comparability. I have also served as a project manager for the IPUMS Center for Data Integration, managing a collaboration with the Gates Foundation focused on child health and nutrition. I am interested in improving accessibility of census and survey microdata for policy-making. Before joining IPUMS, I worked in Europe, researching immigration integration across the European Union. I have served as consultant to the International Organization for Migration. I hold a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Selected Works

Jeffers, Kristen, Jasper Tjaden and Frank Laczko. 2018. A pilot study on disaggregating SDG indicators by migratory status. International Organization for Migration, Geneva.

Jeffers, Kristen, Miriam King, Lara Cleveland, and Patricia Kelly Hall. 2017. "Data Resource Profile: IPUMS-International." International Journal of Epidemiology.

Rieger, Matthias, Sofia Karina Trommlerová, Radu Ban, Kristen Jeffers, and Matthew Hutmacher. 2019. "Temporal stability of child growth associations in Demographic and Health Surveys in 25 countries." SSM - Population Health.

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