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Question 12. Have you been living continuously in this city (urban settlement or rural area of the district) since birth?
The continuity of residence does not depend on the registration or its type (permanent or provisional).
The "Yes" prompt should be checked off for those who have been living in this population center since birth.
The continuity of residence is not deemed disrupted by:

- The movement from one rural population center to another within the boundaries of the same administrative district;
- The movement within the boundaries of the same city (town);
- All departures from the given locality not implying a change of the place of permanent residence (on vacation, visit to friends or relatives etc.).

Check off the "No" option for those who have not been living in a population center or rural area of the district since birth, including those who were born here but left the locality for permanent residence elsewhere for some time. For example, a respondent went to study at an institute and lived at the place of learning, or served a sentence in a penal institution. The "No" option should be chosen for those who moved from urban population centers to rural areas (or the opposite) within one and the same administrative distinct.
Ask the persons with the "No" option checked off the following sub-question:
1. Indicate the year since which you have been continually residing here.
Put down the year (in digits) reported by the respondent since which he/she has been continually residing in the given town or rural area of the district. For those who left this population center for permanent residence in other places, indicate the year since which they have been living here upon their return. For example, if a person was born in this locality in 1945, left it to study in another town in 1962, and came back in 1967, you should indicate " 1967".
If you indicated years from 1989 to 2002, ask another sub-question:
2. Where did you reside in January of 1989? (Children born after January 1989 do not have to answer the question).
a) Name of the autonomous republic, autonomous region, territory, region, autonomous area of the Russian ·Federation, republic of the former Soviet Union or another state.
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For those who in January of 1989 resided in the Russian Federation, put down in writing the name of the autonomous republic (territory, region, autonomous region or area, cities of Moscow or Leningrad) in the respective field (box). For those who in 1989 lived outside the Russian Federation, ind1cate the name of the state (including republics of the former Soviet Urn on).
Administrative and territorial changes wh1ch took place after January 1989 are disregarded.
Do not complete the field for digits located after the entry of the place of residence made in writing.
b) Type of the population center you were residing in.
Check off the prompt corresponding to the type of population center where the respondent lived in January of 1989. If he, she lived in a town or urban-type community (industrial or resort community), check off the "Urban" option, if he/she lived in a rural locality - check off the "Rural" option. The administrative and territorial changes which took place after the departure of the respondent from the former place of residence are disregarded. For example, if the status of a rural population center where a respondent resided before departure to the present locality was later upgraded to the status of an urban community or incorporated into a town, choose the "Rural" option.