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Questions 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.9 and 3.10 are asked to people who are 5 years old or older. For this, check the answer that you wrote down in question 3.3 Age.

If a person who you are interviewing is less than 5 years old, go to the next person in the list.

3.9 Level of instruction

The question permits us to know the highest grade passed by the person in the highest educational level.

Register in the corresponding box the educational level declared, grades or years that a person passed.

[To the right of the text is a form for 3.9 Level of instruction.]


They are people who did not pass any grade of studies in school. Include those who only took literacy classes also.


They are people who took classes in any grade in preschool or kindergarten.

Primary school

They are people who passed grades 1 to 6 offered in this level.

Secondary school

They are people who passed grades 1 to 3 in this level.

Preparatory school or high school

They are people who passed grades 1 to 3 offered at this level. Some of the schools that offer equivalent studies are:

- High school.
- National Preparatory School.
- Schools of Sciences and Humanities (CCH).
- Center of Artistic Education (CEDART).
- Center of Technical, Industrial and Services School (CBTIS).
- Center of Agricultural and Livestock Technology School (CBTA).
- Center of Scientific and Technology Studies (CECYT) before vocational.
- Center of Studies of the Sea (CETMAR).
- Center of Technological Studies of Continental Waters (CETAC).
- Center of Forestry Technology Schools (CBTF).
- Center of Technological, Industrial and Service Studies (CETIS).
- National School of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP).


They are people who study or studied to become professors of preschool, primary or secondary schools.

Technical or commercial career

They are people who passed any grade of technical or commercial studies.


They are people with studies for degrees or its equivalent (engineering, medicine, chemistry) done in universities, technological universities, polytechnic or other institutions of superior education.


They are people with any grade passed at this level. Include people with grades passed in any medical specialization.


They are people who passed any grade at this level.

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Take into account the following indications:
- If a person declares the grade being taken, write down the previous grade passed.

[Below the text is a filled out form.]

- If a person stopped studying an educational level in more or less years, register the grade passed as if the system of regular or scholarly education had been taken.

[Below the text is a filled out form.]

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- When the answer is in semesters, trimesters, etc. ask for the equivalent in years passed.

[Below the text is a filled out form.]

- If the name of a school (Unitec, Conalep, Monterrey Technology or others) or the name of a major (accounting, architecture, social work, nursing, etc) is declared to you, ask for the level the studies correspond to and write down the grades passed according to the answer.

- If a person studied in another country, ask for the equivalent level of studies in relation to the answer options and write down the grades passed in the corresponding boxes.

3.10 Academic requirements

This question is a complement to the previous. It is applied when the answer in 3.9 Level of instruction, corresponds to any of the codes from 5 to 9 (normal, technical or commercial career, professional, masters or doctorate).

[Below the text are forms for 3.9 Level of instruction and 3.9 Scholarly objective.]

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Ask the question mentioning the level marked previously.

[Below the text is a filled out form.]

- If for studying the normal they indicate to you that the requirement was normal basic, mark code 3, Preparatory school or high school.