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Papua New Guinea 1990
Papua New Guinea 1990 — source variable PG1990A_RES1YR — Province or country of residence last year
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[The rural and urban census forms are identical for questions 1-17. Questions 1-17 are provided here in detail under the rural census form, and omitted in the urban census form.]

8. Ever lived outside of this district

Circle one code only

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No

If "No", go to question 12.
Only for persons answering "Yes" in question 8.
[Questions 9-11 were asked of persons who ever lived outside of this district, per question 8.]

10. Place of usual residence at 1987 National Elections

If in Papua New Guinea, given province and district. E.g. ESP, Lumi; EHP, Lufa; NIP, Kavieng; etc. If outside Papua New Guinea, give name of country of residence, e.g. AUT, USA, NZ, FIJI, JAPAN etc.