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I. Localization

5. Category of locality

[] 1 City
[] 2 Village
[] 3 Town
[] 4 Small village
[] 5 Hamlet
[] 6 Other (specify) ____
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I. Localization

This first part of the form should be completed carefully, because it will be the one that allows more forward the appropriate classification of the housing unit according to the place in which it is located. In addition, in case of doubt, it will facilitate any posterior clarification.

Lines 1 to 5: First, you will note the name of the department and the municipality, then the village, if the dwelling belongs to a village. If the dwelling is located in a populated place (city, village, town, small town, camp), you will note its name, indicating below, on line 5, the category that the place has, marking X in the corresponding small box. If the category of the place is not specified, note it in the line "other" and specifying in the respective space the place to which it corresponds.