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A--Geographic location

____ I- Department, Administration, or Precinct
____ II- Municipality
____ III- Administrative unit
____ Judicial Precinct
____ IV- Administrative section
____ Hamlet

[ ] Urban Area
[ ] Rural

____ VI- Zone number
____ VII- Sector
____ VIII- Section
____ IX- Block
____ X- Address of the building
____ XI- Apartment number

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V - Urban area

For enumerating purposes urban areas will be considered surfaces occupied by cities, municipal capitals, capitals of administrative units, police inspectorates, and hamlets without authority where buildings are grouped.

A cross should be marked if the area has these characteristics.

Rural area

Rural area is understood to be the surface occupied by agricultural farms, livestock farms or unexploited or unproductive regions. In these surfaces the houses of habitation are not considered to be grouped.

A cross should be marked in the areas that have these characteristics.