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Participation in economic activity
[For persons five years of age and older]

P21. Occupational situation

Has [the person] worked at least three out of the last seven days (OCC) or was working and lost his/her job (CHO)?

If yes, circle code 1 or 2. If no, circle the corresponding code.

[] 1. Employed (OCC)
[] 2. Unemployed and looking (CHO)
[] 3. Looking for first job (QUE)
[] 4. Retired (RET)
[] 5. Housewife (FOY)
[] 6. Student (ETU)
[] 7. Shareholder (REN)
[] 8. Other inactive persons (AUT)

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3.2 Reference period

-- Reference period for economic activity: the reference period for information regarding economic activity is the week that precedes the census agent's visit to the household. This reference period is one week (7 days).