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Is not completed for temporary presents
[Questions 16-32 were asked of persons absent and permanently present only. Persons who are temporarily present are not included.]

[Questions 29-32 were asked of persons who did not have a job or some other income-producing business per question 25.]

Q29: Are you currently looking for work?

[] 1 Yes
[] 2 No (Skip to question 32)

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Questions 22-32 are registered only for the people of 15 years old and higher.

Questions 29-30 are filled in for those who do not have a job or any other profitable occupation (including students, pensioners)

Question 29

Are you looking for a job?

For all those people who are looking for a job or are trying to organize their own business, the "yes" prompt code is written, and for those people who are not looking for a job the "no" prompt code is written.

The exact ways of looking for a job are applying for a job in the employment centers, administrations of the organizations, establishments, putting advertisements in the newspapers, asking friends, relatives, starting the personal business (getting an allowance or a license, looking for a place for the business and so on).

For those people who answered "yes" to this question, questions 30 and 31 are, and for those people who answered "no" question 32d is filled in.